And done.

This is what I’ve been up to all day:

Here we have my Maid of Honor (Erica) and my bridesmaid (Lisa) trying to get my other bridesmaid (Brianna) out of a potential bridesmaid dress.  Brianna somehow managed to zip up some extra material, which had to be cut out of the zipper in order for her to get it off.  It was a humorous start to the bridesmaid dress hunting journey.

Ashley Williams, bridesmaid number 4, arrived at the scene a little while later and had it easy because we picked out her dress for her.  It worked!  All the girls have a different style which I especially love.  No uniformity here, except in color.  Now Jennifer, bridesmaid number 5, has to find a dress on her own since she lives in Colorado.  Good luck Jean!

Today has been a success in all areas: The girls each found a bridesmaid dress unique to their personality, my wedding dress is safe and sound and with me, and Will finished his Wedding To-Do list in about an hour.

Because I’m in such a success-bound mood, I’m going to attempt to drag Will into Men’s Warehouse at some point this evening.  He didn’t sound too keen on it.  But I have a homemade chocolate chip cookie for him… Perhaps that will help ease the pain?

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