Why Austria’s Niederösterreich Card is Worth Your Euros

As I’ve watched my growing children routinely play with and destroy cardboard boxes, sketch pads, and an unbelievable amount of chalk, I’ve developed a full understanding of why most toys are a waste of money. The kids think they want toys, but they don’t. Not really. They want to create and stand up on top of an outdoor slide with a stick in one hand while they loudly proclaim “I’m king of the world!” to our patient neighbors.

After bemoaning our children’s lack of interest in their many boxes of playthings to fellow parents, the Niederösterreich Card was presented as a possible way to expand Elliott and Lucy’s interest in adventure and play without the help of PawPatrol.

The Niederösterreich Card

The Niederösterreich Card is a piece of yellow and blue plastic magic filled with well over three hundred tours, sites, experiences, and day trips. The website, which is currently only written in German, offers clear categories for your taste in excursions, your personal needs, and your length of travel. For example, if you’re looking for somewhere to take your kids on a rainy day, you can effortlessly search under the ‘Mit Kindern‘ (With Children) section. Or, if you’re traveling with a child who needs a stroller, and you want your dog to come along, too, you can look through a list of possibilities under the sections ‘Mit Kindern,’ ‘Mit Kinderwagen’ (With Strollers), and ‘Mit Hund‘ (With Dog). The same is also true for those who require accessibility.

Or, perhaps you’d like to do something determined by the season. If so, the website has categories for that. It even takes it a step further by dividing sections into activities that may tickle your fancy. Whether you want to swim, ski, hike, eat, smell flowers, play on a playground, stand on top of a mountain, stuff down chocolate, or… go to the library… for fun… the Niederösterreich Card has it all there for you. Additionally, you can search for parts of Austria you’d like to explore. If you’ve never paid much attention to the famous Danube, you’ll never forget it again after you complete pages one through six of Donau-related experiences.

If you’re not convinced yet, here’s the kicker: you’ll save some major monies.

Will and I are both over the age of seventeen. (Shh.) As a consequence of aging, we paid 61,00 euros per adult card. Our kids, who are both under the age of six, were free. Our cards are good for one year and will allow us to walk into any of the 300+ listed experiences one time within that year, and after that, we can renew them for less than what we originally paid.

We’ve already used our cards, and we thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of walking on through the turnstile without having to cough up 20,00 euros per adult. It’s unreal how expensive entry fees are for castles, museums, and a quick ride on a boat. Most tickets now cost upwards of 25,00 euros per person. With that in mind, we will make up the cost of both of our Niederösterreich Cards in two and half(ish) more excursions and still be able to send our children to college.

I’m looking forward to sharing our family field trips with you as we explore all that Austria has to offer. We treasure learning about life and culture alongside our curious kids, and the Niederösterreich Card gives us an affordable opportunity to enhance our explorations with them.

*This is not a sponsored post. Just a big fan of a cool card.*

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