Where’s Your Horse?

how-to-draw-animals-137On most nights, my sweet friends Seth and Erica are either having a tickle fight or an uncommon conversation of some sort. I always hear the mumblings of the conversation, but rarely do I enter into it, unless I’m backing Erica on something (naturally). Tonight however, I was asked to be apart of a social experiment.

Seth and Erica asked me to come into the room so I could be asked a series of questions led by Erica:

Erica: Picture a white room… Are you picturing it?

Me: Yes.

Erica: Okay. Now picture a box. Just a box.

Me: Got it.

Erica: Where is the box?

Me: In the left-hand corner against the wall.

Seth: Aww….

Erica: What does the box look like?

Me: It’s a shoe box.

Seth: Aww, sad.

Erica: Is the box open or is it closed?

Me: Closed.

Seth: Awww, that’s sad!

Despite the fact that my dear friend Seth was causing me to feel sorry for my sad, closed shoe box, I continued to answer Erica’s questions. She told me to picture flowers in the room, then asked me to tell her where they were located and what they looked like.

Me: They’re in the middle of the room. In a tall vase. They’re tall, and long… They’re bright yellow.

Seth: Oh that’s good.

Erica then told me to picture a horse. I’d be okay with this if I didn’t have a slight fear of horses. I pictured one anyway. My horse was white and stood in the middle of the room next to the flowers with its side facing me. Lastly, I was told to picture a ladder.

Erica: Where is your ladder?

Me: I don’t want to tell you.

Erica: Holly you have to! Where’s the ladder?

Me: Well when you asked me to picture the ladder, I immediately pictured it against the horse. Like there’s the table of flowers, then a space, then the ladder is a plain wooden ladder resting up against the side of the horse.

Erica: So the horse is supporting the ladder?

Me: Yeah.

Seth and Erica: Awwwww! That’s beautiful!

Me: …

The box is supposed to represent myself. Since I pictured a small closed shoe box, that means that I’m guarded and don’t let people in very easily – the reason behind Seth’s multiple “how sad!” sighs. The flowers are supposed to represent my friends. The fact that they’re in the middle of the room and are all together in a vase means that I’m friends with a group of people who are together a lot, or at least I group them that way, and they all mean a lot to me given that the flowers are bright yellow and stand out in the room. The horse, unfortunately, is supposed to represent my future husband (sorry Will). The fact that the horse is sideways means that I know who my husband is but we’re “not quite there yet”. And the ladder represents my ambitions for the future. In my white room, the ladder was being supported by the horse, so, my future husband is supporting my hopes and ambitions (thanks Will!) – the reason behind Erica and Seth’s shared excitement.

I then turned to ask Seth what his responses were. He did alright until…

Me: So Seth, where was your horse?

Seth: Well it w-

Erica: OUT. SIDE.

According to Seth, all real men keep their horses outside, by the window.

Wrong answer.

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