What Bottoms And Bouncy Castles Have In Common

prosEach week of stomach growth brings new pros and new cons challenges. For example, a challenge I’m facing is extreme itchiness. I know this isn’t altogether new, but the heightened degree of itching certainly is. The last time I itched and scratched this much was back in elementary school when I had the hives and that was not a pleasant time. I do have a lotion to use whenever I’m in dire need of itch-relief, but sometimes the itching is entirely above the functionality of the lotion leaving me to scratch my stomach crazily in front of anyone and everyone. Just writing about it makes me feel like itching so I’ll move on to a different example.

A pro I’ve discovered is one I was really looking forward to – a stomach table. I discovered I could finally use my stomach as a table about two weeks ago and it has been a glorious experience. With the help of my stomach table, I can:

Stomach tables are great for morning coffee
Stomach tables are great for morning coffee

– drink a cup water with no hands (as long as the cup has a straw)

– eat a tub of ice cream closer to my face

– balance a bowl of grapes for quicker access

– have a resting place for my phone so I don’t lose it

– prop up my elbows for easier eating

– get some insight as to what it’s like to be shaped like Santa Claus

Having a stomach table ultimately just feeds my laziness, but I think a little laziness is acceptable if you’re growing a human.

Don't worry. I finished the tub.
Don’t worry. I finished the tub.

Another challenge I’ve discovered is the challenge of not fitting. Not fitting into clothes, not fitting between small spaces, not fitting in crowded rooms. People at restaurants have to scoot their chairs close to the table so I can pass, or when that doesn’t work they have to get out of their chairs completely and clear the area. I’m really not used to telling other people they’re in my way so I’ve had some awkward trouble as a result, like when I couldn’t get by a woman’s incredibly large bottom. She was on the phone and had no idea I was behind her needing to get by, and I thought if I turned myself in exactly the right way, I could squeeze my pregnant self past her roadblock of a rear to freedom. My attempts were unfortunately unsuccessful and felt very much like being in a bouncy castle because no matter how I positioned myself, I’d bounce back off her behind. I finally had to put my hands on her shoulders (because you can do that in the south) and told her I needed to pass.

Image source: http://www.acmbc.co.nz/bouncycastle.html
Image source: http://www.acmbc.co.nz/bouncycastle.html

My husband actually said “oof” the other day when I sat down on his lap, so that should tell you how big I’m getting, and how much more difficult it’s going to be to squeeze past people’s bottoms in the future.

Truly – I’m loving the ever-increasing size of Elliott. He’s moving all over the place now and even knows when I should get up in the mornings. He always wakes up for Sunday morning worship which I refer to as his “womb worship” since he really seems to enjoy himself during that time. He’s a sweetie pie and is of course the most amazing, most important “pro” on my list. 103 more days to baby Elliott (says my app). We’re already so close!


  1. I loved the tummy table too! Moving babies is something that I will miss forever now that I know I will never experience it again. K and V both loved worship! Can’t wait to see you all soon!

    1. Author

      It’s weird, amazing and fascinating all at the same time. Can’t wait to see you either!

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