What A Day

I feel that this face describes how I’ve felt for the majority of the day. Completely ecstatic.

This morning was particularly rough – an 8am of course. My 8am science primary has always been difficult for me to be the least bit interested in, but today I wanted nothing of it. I went, grumpy and coffee-less, which only made my grumpiness worse. I came back to the apartment and tried to be productive till chapel. Then wonderful things happened.

As of late, I’ve been helping out in the Career Services department. Basically, I contact students at OC, then I contact professionals in the OKC area so they can meet. The next time this is scheduled to happen is December 2nd at the First Impressions Competition. Students will receive a short tutorial on how to give an excellent “elevator speech”, then they will compete against one another and give their speech to the judges (OKC professionals). The judges will be looking for charisma, non-verbal, speech content, etc. SO. We’ve had 3 judges already lined up for awhile. It has been my task to find 3 more. I contacted someone in education a couple of weeks ago, but it was a no-go.  I went after someone else. Someone bigger. Someone who excels in the ways of social media, professionally. I contacted him this morning, and bam. Got him. He’s all in. Next, I needed to find someone from Chesapeake. Bam. Turns out the social media man wants to bring a friend from Chesapeake. 2 down!

And then it happened. The email came. From her editor.

A few weeks ago I was telling Will about the possible professionals I wanted to try to get in touch with for this event. Then I jokingly/seriously said, “What if I got _________ to come? Wouldn’t that be crazy?” He said yes, but in a good way. And then, good luck.

I got her contact information from a family with whom this person is friends with, and I emailed her. In all honesty, I expected to hear absolutely nothing back. She’s a busy woman. She’s a big deal. She’s running for the Supreme Court seat. She’s…

Jari Askins!! (Lt. Governor)

Her editor totes(blame Kim) emailed me to say that Ms. Askins would love to be a judge at the First Impressions Competition.

My jaw dropped, especially when the editor asked for security contacts. I got a person who needs security!!!

I jumped around screaming and giggling for the next few hours after that. I gave probably the most energetic tour of my life, and ran to more buildings searching for the Career Services director than I have for any of my classes. I calmed down once I sat down in my math primary class, because math isn’t fun even if it is for Prek-3rd grade.  But still. It was an exciting day.

Also, I had my second interview this evening. I’ll find out the results on Monday.

Good stuff!

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