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It still hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I’m a wife – Will’s wife.  And Will is my husband.  Wife, husband – the words sound odd and foreign.  It’s almost as if we’re in a play, and the director said, “OK Holly you will be playing the…..wife, and Will, you will be playing her husband.  Here are your wedding bands that you will wear for the remainder of the time.  Put them on, OK perfect.  Everybody ready?  Aaaand…. Action.”

Of course there have been clues along the way which have lead us to believe this is in fact not a play:

  • Will is always next to me when I wake up (Did you know he sleeps in a ball?)
  • What is bathroom etiquette?
  • We can do that?

I guess actors and actresses can experience the same type of “clues” in a play (bullets #2 and #3), but that would be a play in which I would have zero interest in seeing.  Gross.

Our honeymoon was a blast.  So much of a blast, that I highly recommend each one of you get married and honeymoon at El Dorado Casitas Royale.  The people there are wonderful, the food is amazing, and occasionally you hear “…Who’s that cat who won’t cop out when there’s danger all about?  *Shaft!*  Right on…” during lunch by the pool.  Actually, that last point was not by any means a plus, and we heard some extremely interesting song covers during our stay.  The covers were so badly done that I wouldn’t even call them covers.  Paradise City, I Shot the Sheriff, Yesterday, and Money were some of the songs that were atrociously violated.  Do you know how difficult it is to eat breakfast while some jazz singer girl is singing I Shot the Sheriff in her “slow and sexy” voice?  The breakfast is great, but your ears will cry for dear mercy.

Alas, my husband and I have returned to reality and Ramen noodles.  We’re getting better though.  Saturday was dedicated to gift openings and necessities shopping.  It was also dedicated to creating Avatars on our Kinect.  Will’s Avatar name is AlexSupertramp1 and mine is mrssupertramp1 (Read Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer).  I told Will that I was fine with his name being AlexSupertramp1 as long as he didn’t do any of the things that Alex Supertramp did (Note: Into the Wild :Death by moldy potato seeds).

Sunday and Monday will be written about on a later day (tomorrow).

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