Vote On Baby Kooi: Girl Or Boy?

Made it to 20 weeks! We’re half way there! And ogenderrevealne week from today we find out the gender of baby Kooi. At least we hope to anyway. We tried to find out some weeks ago but “the babes” as we like to call him/her, danced and wiggled and mimed its way all through the appointment and wouldn’t let Frau Doktor see what she needed to see. So we’re hoping the babes will cooperate this time and sit still long enough for us to find out if we need to start buying dresses or bow ties.

Since we leave for the States after the big appointment and won’t have time for a gender reveal complete with hair ribbons and stick-on mustaches, we’ll just announce here! It’ll be a fast 2 second gender reveal party.

But first you have to vote.

Come back next week – same day – for the reveal!

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