U!Shine Comes to Vienna!

I can finally and officially share a piece of exciting news about my latest focus in Vienna!
After a summer full of emails, Skype meetings, ponderings, and prayers, I’m thrilled to say that Oklahoma City’s U!Shine, a mental and emotional health program, has partnered with us to open a U!Shine Vienna chapter! I’m working with some amazing individuals to get things up and running all in the hopes that we will soon be able to offer the help and support Vienna so desperately needs concerning mental and emotional health while focusing primarily on anxiety and depression. Our goal is to educate, spread awareness, and love this community through informative seminars, resilience-building support groups, and creative, inspiring events.
At the moment, we are working to build U!Shine Vienna’s social media platform, create Vienna specific graphics and plan for the remaining months of 2017. As this is all very recently official, we are not yet ready to launch our accounts. However, if you’re interested in keeping up with our progress and would like to be the first to know about upcoming events, please comment with your email address below or email us at viennainfo@ushine.org to be added to U!Shine Vienna’s newsletter.
Though we have not yet launched, we have hosted an event! On September 1st, we did a U!Shine Vienna soft launch event called U!Tell It in which individuals from the community volunteered to creatively share their experience with mental illness. U!Tell It was hosted by Cafe Little Britain and, much to our surprise, booked up completely! The evening was amazing, uplifting, and inspirational as performers shared their hearts with friends and strangers through improvisational poetry, spoken poetry, and storytelling. If you missed our first U!Tell It event, not to worry. We will do it again! Another incentive to add yourself to our newsletter 😉 
Below is my performance at the U!Tell It event which was recorded for and shown during my alma mater’s chapel time. If you haven’t read my story about anxiety here on my blog, you can watch it here as well as get a small preview of how our future events will function. You’ll also get to see gorgeous glimpses of the other two performers, Salem and Ariana, and see the beauty of my favorite cafe in the world, Cafe Little Britain.

The video was recorded and edited by my sweet, sweet friends behind The Bee Films.

So, guys! If you know anyone who could benefit from U!Shine Vienna or would like to come to an event, tell them this:

U!Shine Vienna wants to love, support, and encourage this phenomenal community. We want you to know you’re not alone and that you can manage your emotional and mental health. We are not a crisis center or a group of professional psychologists, but we are individuals in the Viennese community, made up of locals and expats, who care deeply about this topic – and about you. 

Stayed tuned. Sign up for our newsletter. Think it over. Contact us if you have any questions. We love you. We’ll connect soon!

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