Try Chasing a Hairdryer

I’m beginning to understand why parents tend to “strongly advise” their children to wait to get married until after college, or at least till it’s mostly over.  Sometimes I come home from school or work, and can’t decide whether or not to make dinner, finish my homework, try cleaning the living room (again), or start on Thank You notes.  After much deliberation, I usually end up picking up one or two things that don’t belong in the living room, throw something in the oven before Will gets home, do a little of my homework, then when Will does get home, we crash on the couch and watch Scrubs on Netflix.

*Note: Current Scrubs crush:

I know, I know.  He’s no Johnny Depp or Matt Damon by any means.  I don’t know why I have a crush on him.  I think it’s the way he talks.  Anyway, it’s okay because Will has a crush on Carla:

Carla is probably more obviously attractive… But at least we both have crushes.  So we’re even.

Today is my day off and I’ve spent it productively.  Our bedroom is clean and waiting to be vacuumed.  The kitchen is clean and waiting to be scrubbed.  The bathroom is clean and also waiting to be scrubbed.  And, turns out we’ve had a living room all along – it’s close to being clean and will then be waiting to be vacuumed.  Hallelujah!  We knew we were living in an apartment, we just haven’t been able to locate it.  But now presents have been put in their place, boxes are out in the trash, and most of our pictures are hung.

Will and I have been asking each other every so often if it’s hit us yet that we’re actually married.  We haven’t had much of an opportunity to say, Hi!  This is my husband, Will/wife, Holly, so it still hasn’t quite sunk in.  Plus I’m still working on my Kooi signature – it’s getting better, and I really enjoy dotting the ‘i’ with a heart.  I can’t help myself.

Sleeping is another issue.  Back home, I had a comfy, cozy, giant queen bed to myself – free to sleep sideways, upside down, or however I pleased.  When I got to OC, I had to downgrade to a twin, but managed alright for three years.  Then this past year, Erica and I pushed our twin beds together, creating a queen, sort of.  And despite Erica’s occasional rumbling and tumbling over to my side and talking in her sleep, it wasn’t enough to prepare me for having a permanent bedmate.  For the past two weeks, one or both of us has woken up in the middle of the night.  Example: Two nights ago, I sat up in bed and barely recall stretching out my arms.  This frightened Will and he sat up too, wanting to know what on earth was the matter.  I giggled, told him I was dreaming, then rolled back over and went to sleep.  The dream I was having was about a small black and white bunny stuck in my mom’s hairdryer, and I was trying to get it out, but it kept hopping away, so all I could see was a bouncing hairdryer heading down a hallway.  You know you wouldn’t sleep well either if you were trying to catch a bunny inside a hairdryer all night long.  It’s exhausting work.

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