Trickery At Its Finest

It happened.  I got a blog!  Because I got engaged and need to have a wedding blog, right?  Wrong.  Well, halfway right.  I’ve been jealous of everyone else’s blogs ever since I came across Girl to Bride, but felt I had nothing of any importance to write about to give me an excuse to have my very own, very cleverly titled Blogspot.  So, not only have I been waiting on the edge of my seat to say yes to the man I’m going to marry and share a fantastic Warm Box Stitch Goose Down L.L.Bean Comforter with, but I’ve also been waiting for him to ask me so I could have a gateway into the blogging realm.  I have been debating this for some time, however.  After reading the comments of Aaron Askew and Becca Smith, both intellectual and fabulous people, my hopes of getting a blog diminished when I read of their disgust with the blogs of engaged OC women.  Rats.  So, in order to please them, and myself, I got a blog, but I’m not going to smother it with color schemes, floral décor, or venue trouble.  Deal?  Cool.

But how did Will propose, you ask?  Well, I’ll at least tell you that.

On Tuesday morning, Erica invited me and Will to accompany her and Seth to a cookout.  A Starbucks cookout.  It sounds weird, but it could have been a legitimate possibility as Seth has talked about cooking out with his Starbucks friends a few times before.  I asked Will if he wanted to go, but he already had plans to go to Tulsa with The Non to be their merchandise guy.  Naturally I was disappointed.  I hung out with Will all day yesterday, right up until he had to start getting ready to go to Tulsa.  I went back to my apartment and got there just as Erica was heading out to go get coffee.  She informed me that the cookout was going to be at Hafer Park at 8:30 – Latest cookout ever.  I managed to kill time for 2 1/2 hours till Erica finally showed back up.  She drove us to Hafer Park and we parked in front of a pavilion by a pond with a fountain.  It was completely dark outside except for the lights in the pavilion.  Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Erica. We’re the only ones at this cookout.

Erica: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeell I’m sure the others are around here somewhere….

Me: Where’s Seth’s car?

Erica: Ummmmm…. I dunno.  He should be nearby.

Me: I don’t smell burgers.

Erica: Yeah… that’s… that’s weird.

Me: Why is Lisa Warren at a Starbucks cookout?

Erica: Umm… I dunno… Maybe she knows people here.

Me: Why are there candles at a cookout?

Erica: Umm…. you should probably walk ahead of me…

As we began to walk down the stairs to the wrap-around deck, I noticed that there were tea candles all along the railing and the floor board.  The thought that I was about to be proposed to crossed my mind, but Will had been telling me for awhile that I had a few more weeks to wait.  But then I heard Hoppipolla and knew that I really was about to be proposed to.  Erica was smiling with camera in hand and motioned for me to follow the candles around the corner.  When I turned the corner, I saw Will, standing in a circle of candles wearing a suit.  I was crying and nervous, and very taken aback.  Because I’m so romantic, the first thing I could think of to say was, “You said this wasn’t going to happen for another month!”  Will assured me that the time was now and that I needed to step into the circle with him.  The next heart-melting thing I said was, “Did you light all these candles yourself?”  Will didn’t answer my question and told me that he had some things to say, so I finally hushed.  With Hoppipolla playing in the background, he told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.  Then he got on his knee and asked me to marry him.  I said yes, started jumping up and down, and we both tried to figure out how to get the ring out of the box and onto my finger.  Will was so caught up in the moment that he forgot that he needed to put the ring on my finger, and I was so excited that I tried to “help” him with it.  We eventually figured it out.  He gave me some roses and bought me an ENTIRE bag full of sour punch straws. Erica and Will had been planning this for two weeks.  Will had had the ring for two days.  Lisa had known for a few days and helped him with the setup.  Wil Norton and Nathan Wheat were the “So we’re leaving for the concert at 5” actors.

“You must have been completely surprised!” you say.  Well, not entirely.

Here’s what you probably knew:

1. This couple goes together like peas and carrots.

2. They know they want to get married.

3. Will went with Holly to Atlanta to ask her parents if he could marry her.

4. Holly’s dad said yes.

5. Will has a diamond.

6. Will is going to ask Holly to marry him within the semester and she knows he is but doesn’t know when.

7. There are plenty of other rumors flying around and I don’t know who to believe anymore.

Here’s what you probably didn’t know:

1. Will and I have known our wedding date since we went to Atlanta.

2. I asked the girls who are going to be my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids right after we got back from Atlanta.

3. I bought my wedding dress three weeks ago.

4. The bridesmaid’s dresses and color were picked out three weeks ago.

5. Aubrie Ross is my wedding coordinator!

6. Will booked our honeymoon this past week and it is AWESOME.

7. We have a photographer.

8. We’ve had ideas, themes, colors, and vendors picked out for about three weeks.

9. We have a venue.

10. We’ve made a guest list.


One last list to leave you with: Marrying into the Kooi family is awesome for multiple reasons:

1. Will

2. I will instantly inherit infinite amounts of information on all things political and biblical (probably not) – Thanks Chip!

3. The possibility of scoring cool trips abroad will increase (probably not) – Thanks Mendy!

4. Aaron helps me make meals and sometimes runs errands for me, and also takes my illnesses from me.

5. Seth shows me his inventions and likes me because my last name is his favorite color. 

6. Jonah (the dog) 

7. I will be Dutch – It’s true.  I will embrace the windmill and wear the wooden shoe!  And someday I hope to have as many Dutch things in my home as the Koois do.  It’s very impressive.  Of course, I’ll continue to hang on to my English heritage, because teatime is delicious.

8. My new initials.
Your new initials?  How is that the least bit cool?  Well, if your new name were Holly Elizabeth Kooi, you’d think it was pretty humorous too.

-The Future Mrs. HEK

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