Too tired. Send chocolate.

When I have the kind of day where my toddler man…

wakes up with a worsened cold

snots all over my clean leggings

puts a giant living snail on my physical being

lies on the ground in protest for having to come inside

tracks mud into the house

plays with everything in sight except all the toys he owns

litters his toys all over the floor anyway

keeps getting his fingers caught in every door and drawer despite my hundred warnings that this will happen

won’t stay away from the stove

pulls out all of my books

sneezes in my face and I can actually feel myself begin to get sick seconds later

locks me out of my dishwasher (?!?!)

shuts me in the pantry

uses my body as his personal kleenex

insists on calling me “Timothy”, which is the name of my parents’ orange cat, instead of anything remotely close to “mom”

suddenly despises yogurt

goes searching for cobwebs then gifts them to me on his hands

refuses to wear a second sock

laughs at me when I tell him “no”

rubs mac n’ cheese in his hair

locks me out of my dishwasher again (?!?!?)

… when I have days like this,

I get on my knees and wrap up my guy in a tight hug and remind myself that he’s the best one of him there is, that he’s allowed sick days and bad days and put-snails-on-mom aka Timothy days, that he’s a toddler and he’s learning, and that I am so glad he’s not yet a 13-year-old with terrible BO during this embrace.

Then when he goes down for his nap that he does not take and loudly sings his ABCs to keep himself awake, I go to the couch and help myself to chocolate.

Lots and lots of chocolate.


  1. First of all I love you, this post and am enjoying seeing you as a mom. Now that my days as a walking napkin are over I can still remember days like those. Also I still sneak chocolate almost every single day.

    Secondly I LOVE the new look of the blog!

    1. Author

      Love you too, and thanks! Still a work in progress.

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