This Week in Grievances: Lack of the ‘Net

Wir haben kein Internet!

Still waiting on it. I hoped it would be here by the end of this week, but I was mistaken. We’re now hoping for it to arrive early next week as we are successfully using up all of our data (currently typing this on my phone…).

So quick update:
Just got my new washing machine – from Germany! I love it. And it’s easy for me to understand. Not planning on getting a drier anytime soon. Turns out it’s actually not super common to have both a washer and drier because most people use drying racks. We’re going to follow suit and do the same, only we don’t have a drying rack, which I just now realized, so we’re getting one today. Laundry is a MUST right now.

German class is still fantastic. We’ve completed our third week and will take a test next Thursday which will determine whether we’re ready to move up to the next level or not. Don’t worry – we’re confident in moving on up.

It’s hot here today.

That’s all I can think of for now. Also my phone is about to die. But anyway, I’ve got something written and ready for next week for my Grievances (when we have Internet!!) and Will has something written and ready for our Vienna blog (when we have Internet!!). Thanks for being patient. You guys rock.

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