Things I’m Looking Forward To

October 11 was the 5 month mark.  Will and I have FIVE months left till we’re married.  It’s soon, but mostly (feels like) far away.  And I still don’t feel like I’m the one getting married.  All the signs are pointing in the right direction: I have a ring, I have a dress, there are bridesmaid dresses hanging in my closet, I’ve met with florists and bakers, I have a wedding planner and a checklist, friends greet me with “How’s my little engaged friend?!”

Oh yeah.  It’s all comin’ together.

But I still feel like I’m planning some event that’s just going to be a big deal.  I’m waiting for the day when I sit straight up in bed and say, “OH.  This whole event thing is MY event.  WHOO!!”

Every day I find something to add to my “Things I’m Looking Forward To Once I’m Married” list.

  1. Kitchen Utensils – YES.  I never thought I’d care about this, but I learned that I really enjoy being in the kitchen and that having good kitchen equipment is vital.  Last night I made Bacon Cookies (it’s true – come try some), but before I could put it all together, I had to make the bacon into bacon candy.  Because I have no-name lame cookie sheets, the bacon candy would not come off of the tray.  Yes, I know I was supposed to use parchment, but it simply was not available.  EVEN SO, the bacon shouldn’t have stuck like it did, nor should the cookies have made the mess they did.  I’m looking forward to having knives that cut, spoons that strain, and a crock-pot (all great registry items…).  Also an apron.  I’m really excited to some day own an apron, especially since I’ll be cooking a lot.
  2. Dave Ramsey – Dave is going to be all up in our marriage.  Every time I open my wallet, he’ll be there.  Every time we make a purchase, he’ll be there.  It sounds scary, yes (given that there will be a little man here and there), but I’m ready to officially be an adult.  In five months, no longer will I say “Parents, may I have…” because instead, I’ll be saying “Dave, can I have…” and when he says no, then I’ll say “Will, can I have…” and then when he says no, it’ll all be worth it!
  3. Furniture – Now, you all have heard me talk about our future furniture.  Our crate furniture.  But we’re really working to turn this furniture around and it actually looks pretty good.  Once the furniture is the way we like it, we’ll be able to decorate the apartment.  This is the frightening part.  I first have to learn how… to be a girl.  Erica has been my sidekick for four years and has always done all the decorating.  She decorated both apartments that we’ve lived in, she’s my fashion guide, and she’s helping me big time with this wedding.  Now I’m going to be on my own (girl wise) and left with an apartment to decorate!  I’m sure I’ll figure it out though.
  4. Bed time – Before you go all TMI on me, hear me out.  Will has a full-time job and I’m a full-time student.  Our schedules require us to both be in our beds way before midnight (though I realize I’m writing this very near to midnight).  In order for this to happen, he has to leave my place or I have to leave his place at 9:30.  No extra MASH episodes, no extra cuddle time, nothing.  9:30 is the time.  I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when I’m stressed or especially grumpy, 9:30 is the worst thing in the world and I cry for about 10.5 seconds then get over it.  Once we’re married, we can watch all the MASH we want! (Right, Will?)
  5. Being a Mrs. – Mrs. Holly Kooi.  Awwwwww!

There are things from the here and now that I’m going to miss of course.  Mainly I’m going to miss living here with Erica and Brianna – the two girls who make me laugh, encourage me, challenge me, and watch TLC with me.  I’ll also miss Karissa knocking on my door at odd times in the night fully equipped with stories, though I’m sure Karissa won’t miss me knocking on her door and asking for another ingredient and/or kitchen utensil…

I’ll also miss this:

Like I said, Erica and I have been pea pods (ask Erica) since day 1.  What you see here is our beds pushed together to create a giant best friend bed, complete with our stuffed animal friends: Ringo, Brownie, and Red Panda.  Last night, Erica came back at some crazy hour, like 3am or something, because she had been watching a scary movie with Seth.  She jumped in bed, which woke me up, and she frantically whispered to me that she had watched a scary movie and was therefore, scared.  I told her she shouldn’t watch scary movies, she said I know, and we fell asleep holding hands.

I’m beyond excited to start a new life with Will.  I’m a little nervous to leave my old life as one of the girls.  But no one ever said you couldn’t combine the two a little here and there.  So, March 11, please arrive soon.  Because Will and I want to have our friends over for cookouts and be a hip married couple!

And I want a kitten. (SIGH – in like, 3 years)

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