The Three L’s

Every two months or so I go through the same process: My hair is getting long… I like it but I want something new. Something FRESH! My friends are getting short hair cuts. I want a short hair cut. Not too short, but you know, something cool. Something hip. Something in.

I never actually go through with it though. I’m growing my hair out for the wedding, and Will likes it long.

However, my strong desire to cut my hair off always increases by leaps and bounds when my hair gets hurt. Sitting in church and someone behind me decides to put their hands on the pew just as I begin to learn forward… Insta-headache. Getting my hair stuck in the back of the hairdryer… Good grief.  Hairaches… nearly the worst.

But the absolute worst pain is usually during TV time. I lie down on the couch first, then Will will plop down next to me. Eventually I’ll decide to move somehow and BAM – worst hair pull ever. And I whine and say, “Wiiiiill… My HAIR!” and he’ll sigh heavily and apologize, but it’s only half-hearted now because it happens so often.

So I came up with the three L’s:

  1. Look
  2. Lift
  3. Lie 

It’s almost as important as Stop, Drop, and Roll.

I came up with the three L’s so that Will and I could avoid conflict – that way he doesn’t have to listen to me whine and I don’t get hurt.

The three L’s haven’t really… caught on yet. But someday. Maybe. Probably not.

I’m cutting my hair off after we get married anyway. That’s the new newly-wed thing to do.

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