The Pre-Woman

Christmas morning brought many a gift that I was and wasn’t expecting: pre-woman gifts.

I spent the morning reminiscing about past Christmases and the gifts I’ve received through the years.  When I was but a tot, I got the Fisher Price People – the little people who have neither arms nor legs.  A variety of other fun Fisher Price play things came along with them.  In Elementary school, I got a few barbies here and there, but never a house or a mall or a special barbie elevator or anything of the like.  I got a convertible car once with a barbie whose purple leggings would magically disappear whenever she went diving into the bathtub with me.  Luckily I wasn’t in the barbie phase for too long.

(Hopefully my daughter won’t be either.)

It’s hard to remember what else I asked for toward the end of my Elementary years, but I do remember my 5th grade present: The entire Beatles movie collection.  I was so happy that day, and I still have them.

Middle school is fuzzy too.  I probably got some clothes that I liked and some clothes that my children will make fun of me for, some gift cards, and other things that would help make me feel like the oh-so-mature(awkward) 14 year old adult(brat teen) that I was.

High school is where I first remember having trouble coming up with a Wish List.  I asked for plenty of DVDs and CDs, and more clothes.  Occasionally I wound up opening a present or three that had books inside, just for me.  My parents very much wished that I would become an avid reader like themselves, but after reading every Goosebumps book ever written during my Elementary years and finishing up the HP series, reading material of any other kind was uninteresting, although I did love The Great Gatsby when it was required for a class.  Senior year, all of my gifts had something to do with my transition to college.  An OC blanket, a coffee maker, towels, Target/Walmart gift cards, etc.  I was coming out of my teenager stage, and my gifts reflected that.

My Christmas gifts from the last three years of college have been, well, college age gifts.  Clothes, food, and clothes – all very much appreciated.

And then this year came.  The year of what I’ll call “The Pre-Woman”.

In nearly two months, my life will be drastically different.  I’ll have a husband.  For this husband, I must cook. and my most recent Christmas presents reflect that in every way:

Cutco Knives, Magnetic Measuring Spoons, two Collapsible funnels, a Toaster, a Slow-Cooker, a Mini Spatula, a Small Spatula, Salad Tongs, Indestructible Cups, 3-dozen forks/spoons/knives, 3 Cookbooks, and

Onion Goggles.

Let it never be said that Holly Kooi isn’t a woman.

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