The Other Hollys

Over Labor Day weekend, my husband and I watched a special about the theory behind parallel universes.  Usually I don’t get into anything that has to do with science.  Science has always interested me, but more on level of “I wish I was smart enough to understand the fancy-sounding words he’s using to describe the team’s fancy-sounding discovery using their fancy-sounding formulas”.  The topic of alternate universes though – that sent my mind into a constant state of daydreaming.  If there were alternate universes, what would all of my alternate-selves be up to?  Would Holly 1 be an introvert?  Would Holly 2 actually like vegetables?  Would Holly 3 – dare I say it – never eat bacon?  (Psh, no.)

To satisfy my questions concerning the alternate Hollys, I’ve come up with a list of what I would want the other Hollys to be like:

Holly 1: A Paleontologist 

Fact about me: I LOVE DINOSAURS.  Really and truly, I love dinosaurs, so much so that as a child, I used to think to myself, “When I get to Heaven, I’m going to ask God ALL about the dinosaurs, and then He can tell me why He made them and why they died and which one was His favorite and if Jurassic Park was accurate and if…”  I’ve not told too many people about my love for dinosaurs, mainly because I think it’s a weird fact about myself, and also because, despite my love for them, I really don’t know that much about them.  But even so, their existence fascinates me, therefore I would want Holly 1 to be extremely knowledgeable of all fancy dinosaur words and Paleontologist termonology (a paleontologist would probs never say “fancy dinosaur words”, nor “probs”).

Holly 2: An Astronomer

Holly 2 would satisfy the fascination I have with space – again, something I don’t tell a lot of people about.  I mean, I did cheat on my 5th grade science test over the phases of the moon (another story for another time), which is a surefire sign that I am not gifted in the realms of astronomy.  It’s unfortunate really, but I like to think of my inability to understand science vocabulary and formulas as, God made some people to understand His science, and He made some people to admire it.  Today’s Holly is an admirer, but I’d like to think that Holly 2 would be an understander.  And it’s possible that if Holly 2 were an astronomer, she wouldn’t have a fear of heights, which is an accomplishment in and of itself.

Holly 3: An Author

There’s still time to make this happen in current life, I think.  Free writing has always been a passion for me (despite my recent writer’s mourning period which was brought on by being cut in the final round of a writers contest), and my husband and father-in-law continuously remind me of how long-winded I am whenever I tell a story.  I’d also like Holly 3 to be an author so she could be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where they would laugh and joke together about comedic essays from her new book “     of      ” (I don’t have a title for her book yet, but I assume of is in there somewhere), and she would finally get to redeem herself on TV from that time when she was in 7th grade and was interviewed by the news about the service work she was doing at an elderly lady’s house, and her interview was so bad that the news channel ended up cutting it and showed a clip of her awkwardly smiling next to an ivy covered wall instead.

It was a very anticlimatic experience for me.

Hollys 1-3 are all I can think of for now, but I’m sure there are other alternate Hollys I’ll think of later on.  All of the Hollys though, no matter how many there were, would drink hazelnut coffee, order water when Pepsi is offered instead of Coke, listen to The Beatles, blame Yoko for everything, own a cat(s), and love Buffalo Wild Wings.

If you had an alternate self, what would you want your self to be?

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