The Need For Spring

My wonderful friend and mentor Tamika is hosting her first link-up party on her blog, No Time For Tea Parties. For those who are looking for something fun to write about, join her every Thursday for “Ten Things Thursday”. This Thursday, she’s challenged her followers to write about ten things we’re most looking forward to about spring. This is an easy one for me because I am a spring and summer person, not a fall and winter person. And since Vienna is the color grey 6 months out of the year, I am READY for blue skies and spring dresses.

IMG_2211Here’s what I’m looking forward to about spring (in no particular order):

10. The need for…Warmth

Goodbye heaters and hello open windows. I need the sun to come out and stay out.

9. The need for…Vitamin D

My doctor says I’m low on Vitamin D, and I know Vitamin D comes from the sun. So chop chop, sunshine!

8. The need for… Dresses

One, dresses are easy and require no thought. Two, my jeans don’t fit anymore and my hairbands are stretching from the band-around-the-button trick. Three, dresses will make me shave my legs.

7. The need for… Outdoor cafes

We live in outdoor cafe central and my favorite spot in the city is calling my name. “My husband will have a coffee with ice cream in it and I’ll have that homemade lemonade with the grass coming out of it, please.”

IMG_24756. The need for… Flowers

I love flowers! Flowers make everything amazing. Plus my indoor flowers are dying/dead and are not amazing, probably due to a lack of Vitamin D.

5. The need for… Tobias Time

My cat Tobias loves when the weather is nice enough for him to peek outside. It’s so sweet to watch him study nature and get in a nap in the sun. We don’t have anything preventing him from jumping out the window so we keep a close eye on him while he sniffs the air and watches birds, but luckily he has no courage and often jumps back inside when a bird so much as looks at him.

4. The need for… Parks and Gardens

We live right by Vienna’s largest park. During the spring and summer months, we spend our weekends roaming all over Prater Park or visiting a new one. My personal favorite is in the city across the street from the Hofburg Palace. You can smell the flowers of this particular garden from across the street. (A picture of my favorite garden is to the right with Guten Morgen Wien written on it —>)

3. The need for… Running Around

Will and I help teach a free English course to kids between the ages of 5-10 each week and it’s around this time when it gets really obvious that the kids have been kept inside too long. When it’s too cold to run around outside, they run around inside, and it gets crazy. When it’s warm and we can send them outside for our activities, it’s a good day.

2. The need for… Outdoor Church

Warm weather = church and a picnic. Though Will and I will miss quite a few of these during the spring and summer months, it still does me good to know our friends are enjoying an amazing time worshipping in a park or in someone’s backyard with delicious food to follow. Outdoor worship is one of my favorite things in the world.

IMG_59711. The need for… The Amazing Spring of 2014

In May, Will and I are visiting friends and family in a non-deported fashion and we can’t wait. Our friend Thomas is accompanying us in our journey and we plan to wear him out and help him gain a few hundred pounds as a result of several visits to Chik-fil-a and Buffalo Wild Wings. It’s going to be an incredible time.

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  1. I love the post and the pictures. Thanks for linking up! Glad you are sticking around and I am thrilled about my new little camper on the way! he he!

    1. Author

      I’m ALSO glad for my little camper! Can I go ahead and preregister? I will attend all Zoo trips, of course. 😉 Thanks for the opportunity to link-up!

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