The Beatles: Good for Your Heart, Good for Your German

Will got to be Paul... :-/
Will got to be Paul… :-/

I am a diehard Beatles fan. Like I really, really, really dig them. The Beatles have been my jam ever since I can remember and I have yet to tire of their sound, and because The Beatles were BRILLIANT they created albums that are perfect for any kind of day, in any season, for any mood. Very quickly, here’s my shortlist of go-to Beatles albums matched with their appropriate day types and moods:

Sunny day, positive mood: Please Please Me, Past Masters Vol. 1 (I recommend singing/yelling Long Tall Sally when you’re in an especially fantastic mood. It’s a good time.)

Cloudy day, contemplative and/or positive mood: Abbey Road, Let It Be

Rainy Day, negative or positive mood: Rubber Soul + Rain (obviously) from Past Masters Vol. 2

“It’s been a weird day” Day: The White Album

(Do let me know if you need further Beatles albums matched with various moods and days. The possibilities are endless.)

Having a moment with John at the Cavern Club, pre-Yoko.
Having a moment with John at the Cavern Club, pre-Yoko.

So yesterday was a little bit gloomy; not rainy but definitely grey and cold. I wasn’t feeling contemplative but I did feel positive. Begin: Let It Be. As I was trying to choose between Let It Be and Let It Be…Naked, I made a mind-blowing discovery. Beneath the Let It Be albums sat Past Masters Vol. 1 (wait for it…), and smack dab in the middle of the tracks were two songs with German titles: Sie Liebt Dich and Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand. I totally freaked out. I knew The Beatles had covered two of their own songs (She Loves You and I Want to Hold Your Hand) for when they toured Hamburg, but I had completely forgotten about them since, you know, at no time in my life was I learning German until now. Now these songs were relevant. I scrapped my focus on the Let It Be albums and tried my luck at understanding two of my favorite Beatles’ songs auf Deutsch. And… I understood all of the lyrics! I guess the lyrics are somewhat obvious, but I was thrilled nonetheless. I probably listened to Sie Liebt Dich and Gib Mir Deine Hand 5 times each so as to achieve my goal of memorizing both songs in their German form. I’ve always stood by the belief that The Beatles are perfect for any and all times in one’s life, and now I know it’s true!

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