Strange Things Are Happening To Me

I feel like I’ve totally lost track of myself. Some pregnancy symptoms have gotten better while others have gotten considerably worse. A good night’s sleep? Gone. Eternal thirst? Present. Perpetual hunger? No satisfaction. Heartburn and acid reflux so bad it’d burn your face off? Absofruitly. Mmmm… fruit…

I can handle it though, or that’s what I tell myself as I slooooowly roll out of bed every morning, anyway. Before, I felt like I was zooming from week to week, so much so that I frequently forgot what week I was on. But now that I spend most days wondering how Elliott could possibly take up any more room in my body, the weeks and days and hours just creep by. It’s like I’m stuck in a slow motion yawn.

The strangest and most confusing part about my third trimester has to be the sudden changes in any and everything. Take my appetite, for example. Recently at breakfast, I ate every bite of a deliciously enormous bowl of cereal and felt full afterwards. No more breakfast for Holly. By the time I had finished putting my bowl and spoon away in the dishwasher, I was hungry again. For another bowl of cereal. I didn’t want to eat again, but I felt like I should eat a food item even if it was against my will. So I ate a banana which filled me right up. I thought I had succeeded in satisfying my hunger, but it wasn’t even 5 minutes before I started digging through the refrigerator for more. I eventually settled on broccoli and carrots.

Important Note: Would not recommend pairing carrots and broccoli with a cup of coffee.


Another change that has taken a sharp right turn is my emotional stability. I’m not a big crier in general and go out of my way to avoid doing so, which is why all movies with an animal as the main character are totally off-limits. I’ve never been one to desire “a good cry” and I especially dislike crying in front of other people. But my third trimester is pushing all of my emotional boundaries to the point where I don’t even know if I have boundaries anymore. I don’t have to watch a sad movie, a sweet video, or see gifs of those poor Brazilian fans mourning the loss of the World Cup to procure tear-shed. I just merely have to be, and that brings on the tears easily enough. The other day I was shopping at Target with Will and was suddenly overcome with all possible feelings. I’m really hungry, I think. But I’m definitely thirsty. Also I have to go to the bathroom. Can we find something to eat? Wow Elliott’s heavy. He’s in my ribs again. What about food? Uh-oh… I think I’m going to cry. I’m think I’m going to cry!

Important Note: Would not recommend watching a live birth when your emotional stability is in question.


On the bright and non-strange side of my life in the third trimester, I’m finding a lot to do to distract me from all things written above. My hospital bag is more or less packed, Elliott’s clothes, toys and books are packed and ready to be moved to the new apartment, Will and I hit the cloth diaper jackpot over the weekend, and today I’m finally getting an ultrasound. The last time we saw Elliott via ultrasound was when we found out his gender back on May 10th, so this is a big day for us. Now I’ll have proof that he has permanently moved his entire body into my rib cage.

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