Story Time

I have 3 stories for you.

Story 1

Every Wednesday, from 9 to 3, I spend the day teaching and talking with 4 year olds.  Their worlds are absolute fascinating if you’re able to listen to them long enough.  Their imaginations are incredible, their speech is adorable (for the most part), and their perspectives are hysterical.  Today I found myself reading book after book after book in the Reading/Doctor’s Office Waiting Room Center to a gathering of girls.  One of the young ladies could no longer concentrate on book number eight due to “the boy in the red jacket”.

4 year old girl: Miss Greene!  Someone – um – someone said that that boy over there in the red jacket is cuuuute.

Me: Oh yeah?  Was that person you?

4 year old girl: *Shakes her head with a definite no*

Me: You know, saying someone is cute isn’t a bad thing.

4 year old girl: *Eyes get really big* Oh!  Well then yes it was me.

Me: So you DO think he’s cute then…

4 year old girl: Yeah he’s reeeeally cute!  *pause*  Miss Greene.  Do you know what cute means?

Me: Well, maybe.  What does it mean?

4 year old girl: Hahaummmmmmmmm, cute means, um, cute means like, like hubba hubba!

I bet you didn’t know that definition.

Story 2

Steak, chicken, and fish are my favorite dinner items.  If bacon were a main course all by itself I would add it to the list.  So last night, Will’s dad grilled steak, chicken, and fish.  Heaven!  Now, in my defense, I was in a hurry.  Will and I had to leave by 6:15 in order to make it to Financial Peace University by 6:30, and we sat down to eat this magnificent meal at 6:05.  I only had 10 minutes.  And then on top of that, I love steak, chicken, and fish.  I ate all three at a fairly quick pace then left with Will for FPU.  When we returned from FPU, Will’s mom said she had a story for me.  Will’s mom, dad, and little brother Seth all went to the park while we were gone.  On the way there, Will’s mom made the comment to Will’s dad about how he’s getting a daughter-in-law who likes fish.  Seth backed up this comment with his own:

Seth: Yeah, but did you see how Holly ate her steak?  She ate it like a rabid dog!

Mendy: Seth I’m sure Holly wouldn’t want to be compared to a rabid dog.

Seth: Okay, a wild wolf then.

So flattering.

Story 3

OKAY!  So Brianna has an amazing new Pi little sister, Ali, this semester who is now having to endure Rush Week.  Luckily, Brianna is the best Big ever and has her do pretty awesome things, like speak in a variety of accents for an entire day.  Brianna also had her make up an entirely new, uh, psychological brainteaser.  You know, another one of those “picture a box, where is it” things.  Ali gave me, Erica, and Brianna the test at the same time last night.  We had to picture a plane, the color of the sky surrounding the place, where we’re sitting on the plane, who we’re with, what happens when the plane dissolves, what colors we see when the plane dissolves, and a bird.  We finished the test, then Ali revealed to us what everything meant, then ended with, “And the bird represents Jesus.”

During Ali’s test, we all had been doodling what we pictured after each question.  When Ali stated that the bird we pictured represented Jesus, I happened to look down at what Erica had drawn then immediately busted out laughing.

Erica’s representation of Jesus:

The couple holding hands is Erica and Seth of course, smiling upon their little bird friend (Jesus).  Best picture ever.

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