Shameful Addiction

There are three categories that I pride myself in having good taste:

1. Music

2. Movies

3. TV shows

It is these three categories, and these three categories only, that I will verbally or Twitter-ly battle someone, or simply battle the majority opinion, when I feel that their opinion is in the wrong.


Majority opinion: Justin Bieber!  So great.

Battle: Please no.  See: Vampire Weekend

Majority opinion: A Walk to Remember gets me every. time.  It’s precious!

Battle: *head in hands*  Mandy Moore?  Really?  SHE got to you?

Majority opinion: GLEE GLEE GLEE!!!

Battle: glee

One time I committed the sin of tweeting my feelings about Glee.  I got the most replies I had ever received in one day.  And all of them were yelling at me.

Since then, I have stopped fighting people, but really only about Glee for fear of finding something dreadful in my apartment, or losing all my Twitter followers in a single day.  But, sadly, I don’t have much room to talk.

I have become very much attached to TLC.  At first, my attention to this channel started out small.  Say Yes to the Dress has always been a personal favorite of mine, way before I got engaged.  Erica and I have sat in front of the TV many times, yelling at girls to steer clear of the Mermaid Style dress.  Step away from the ball gown!  I know the names of all the women who work in Kleinfeld, and I decided a long time ago that I would want Kiesha or Nicole to help me pick my dress if I was lucky enough to go to NYC to see them.

Then I discovered the show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.  Captivating!  At 10am in the morning, there really is nothing better than life stories told by women who had no clue they were pregnant, and better, have over-actors available to dramatically demonstrate!

Immediately following is A Baby Story.  This show is along the same lines as I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, only there are no actors, and the women are very much aware they’re pregnant, and video cameras follow them around the last month of the pregnancy till the actual birth.


Last but not least, Four Weddings.  Four women individually explain what’s going to happen at their wedding.  When it’s time for one of the women to get married, the other three attend her wedding from beginning to end then score the wedding on venue, food, dress, entertainment… And something else but I can’t remember.  Whoever has the most points gets a free and awesome honeymoon.


And of course, there’s always What Not to Wear, Hoarders: Buried Alive, and the all new Freaky Eaters.  On the last episode of Freaky Eaters, a guy had a habit of eating raw meat.  Gross.

Shows I DO NOT watch are the shows about families who exist, like 19 Kids and Counting, Little People Big World, Quints By Surprise, Sextuplets Take New York, and of course, Kate Plus 8.

I will also never watch Toddlers & Tiaras.  

So… That’s my confession.  It’s shameful, I know.  I do watch the History Channel, TCM, the Discovery Channel, and TBS – please know that I still have good taste!

Also my life isn’t filled with TV, unless it’s morning.

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