Schönbrunn Saturday

Today was a little on the warm side, more so than we’ve experienced so far in Vienna. I don’t typically mind the heat, but my husband minds it a lot so today was like, the worst for him. Ok I’m exaggerating a bit, but honestly, he’d live in an igloo if he could. Even though today’s our day off, we woke up nice and early and headed for a street called Schüttaustrasse to view an apartment which I think now is our twelfth apartment viewing or so? Somewhere around there. Quick side note about apartment hunting in Vienna: It’s not at all like the States. When my husband and I were apartment hunting back in Oklahoma, we took one Saturday to apartment complex hop, and by the end of the day we knew where we’d be living. Apartment hunting here is a lot more complex, especially since so many people live in apartments for many, many years. The search looks something like this:

Every morning I browse through 14 or so apartment websites, looking specifically for apartments that are located in the 22nd District (Donaustadt) and are within our price range. If I see something, we call the number and ask if the apartment is available. Unfortunately many of the sites are not regularly updated meaning there’s a good chance that the listings are old, meaning we’ve heard our fair share of “no longer available”s. If and when I do get a hold of someone who has an availability, we set up an appointment to come look at the apartment. Typically, the person I’ve setup the appointment with is a realtor, not the owner. When the time of the appointment arrives, my husband and I (along with our German-speaking coworkers) meet up with the realtor and view the apartment. Since my husband and I are only using public transportation to get around the city, we have to see if there are stores nearby, a bus, strassenbahn, UBahn, etc., making it easy for us to get around. Several of the apartments we’ve seen have been too far away from stores and transportation, so we’ve had to nix them. Other apartments have been tossed out because they looked good online, but not so good up close. The other issue we’ve run into is of course the rent. If you’re interested in an apartment, you come back with an offer to give to the realtor, who then sends the offer to the owner. If the owner isn’t having it, you’re out of luck. This has been the case with a few apartments as well, leading us back to square one.

Though the process is longer than what we’re used to, it’s certainly taught us a good lesson on patience. Each time something hasn’t worked out, we just take a deep breathe, maybe face palm one or two times, then keep searching. We KNOW our apartment is out there – just haven’t found it yet. We love, love, love the apartment we saw this morning, so fingers crossed that there’s a future in it.

After we left the apartment, we got some Eis (gelato) with the Hensal gals then headed to Schloss Schönbrunn. If you’ve never been to Vienna and plan to visit someday (right?), this is a definite must-see, and you have to see it when it’s gorgeous out like it was this afternoon. The palace itself is of course stunning, but the miles of gardens and woods is breathtaking. My husband and I toured the palace then walked all over the gardens up to Neptune Fountain. Later we met up with some friends at the Schönbrunn Zoo, saw some cool animals, then made it home just in time to watch a live feed of our best friends get married at the groom’s home in Oklahoma.

We have another wedding to watch (thanks technology) at 1:30am. We’re totally suiting up for it too. Well I am – the husband is wearing his pajamas and a tie. That counts, right?

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  1. Hi Holly! Love the blog! It’s so cool that you and your husband are apartment shopping in Vienna. That is one city we have not yet made it to, but it is on our “wish list” of destinations. Best of luck finding a great apartment there!

    Thanks for liking my blog! I am really glad the links also led me to your blog. Can’t wait to see what you will post next…

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