The issue at hand. Occasionally Will is brilliant.  No, I’m kidding.  He’s brilliant all the time and frequently has to politely correct me on thi... Read More

It is what it is.

This weekend was chocked full of productivity, accidents, and mishaps. Productivity: 1. Met with Cafe Evoke.  I could not be more excited about them.  Since Will and I are such big coffee/tea drinke... Read More

Shameful Addiction

There are three categories that I pride myself in having good taste: 1. Music 2. Movies 3. TV shows It is these three categories, and these three categories only, that I will verbally or Twitter-ly ba... Read More

For Real?

This my second practicum with Pre-K kids.  I prefer Pre-K to any other grade I’ve been with so far for several reasons: 1.  They’re just out of the toddler stage. 2.  They’re stil... Read More