The Three L’s

Every two months or so I go through the same process: My hair is getting long… I like it but I want something new. Something FRESH! My friends are getting short hair cuts. I want a short hair cu... Read More

A Few Updates

I’m currently watching a show on TLC with my roommates – a baby show, of course, but this one is about traumatic pregnancies. The episode we’re watching now is about a woman who goes... Read More


Sick at the Koois.  AGAIN!  I don’t know why this happens whenever I stay here for long periods of time.  Perhaps it’s because I’m so paranoid of getting sick and passing it along... Read More


No fall has ever come close to being as wonderful as the Fall of ‘08.  Now two years later, I find myself still daydreaming about bundling up inside the Schloss then running outside and hopping ont... Read More