What A Day

I feel that this face describes how I’ve felt for the majority of the day. Completely ecstatic. This morning was particularly rough – an 8am of course. My 8am science primary has always b... Read More

The Three L’s

Every two months or so I go through the same process: My hair is getting long… I like it but I want something new. Something FRESH! My friends are getting short hair cuts. I want a short hair cu... Read More

A Few Updates

I’m currently watching a show on TLC with my roommates – a baby show, of course, but this one is about traumatic pregnancies. The episode we’re watching now is about a woman who goes... Read More


Sick at the Koois.  AGAIN!  I don’t know why this happens whenever I stay here for long periods of time.  Perhaps it’s because I’m so paranoid of getting sick and passing it along... Read More