Our Gender Reveal Experience

Here’s what’s been going through my head since this morning:


It’s PRETTY chaotic up there and I can’t seem to concentrate on anything else. All I want to do is sit in our apartment and stare at these tiny black and white ultrasound pictures and contemplate parenthood. I want to sit here and talk to our precious, perfect, adorable little baby boy. We’re having a boy!

I basically didn’t sleep last night. I was too excited to do so even though I knew I needed sleep desperately. I tossed and turned and talked to the cat because he was the only one awake at 3am. He didn’t seem too pleased to be awake, though. But finally the time came for us to head out to the hospital. Butterflies joined baby Kooi in my stomach and I tapped my fingernails along the side of my seat in the subway as if it that’d help the train move faster. Once we actually made it to the hospital, I couldn’t sit still. I filled out my form – in German, which I was particularly proud of – then waited forever to see the doctor. And by forever I mean about… 10 minutes. 10 minutes of forever!

The second the nice ultrasound doctor put the wand on my stomach, I knew we were having a boy. It was fairly obvious to me, but I wanted the doctor to say so before I reacted. Then she confirmed our baby being a boy and it was wonderful!!! She checked the rest of the baby to make sure everything looked normal. He passed the test with flying colors and we were free to go. She sent us home with a CD full of great pictures from the ultrasound, as well as a video of him yawning real big which I have watched over and over and over again. He’s just too cute to handle.

I know that a couple of weeks ago it looked like we were going to be nameless if we had a boy, but not to worry. We chose one. Our little boy’s name is:

Elliott William Kooi

My husband’s name is William, as is his dad’s and grandfather’s name, and it was important to us to keep “William” in the family so we put it in the middle. Then “Elliott” – we both just love the name, and it means “the Lord is my God” which holds a very special, important meaning for us, and we pray that our little Elliott will use this meaning as a guide for living his life.

Parents have been informed and are ecstatic about their sweet grandson. We’ve been getting texts left and right with exclamation marks filling the screens of our phones. It’s just been the best day!

Sweet tiny baby Elliott! (with a weird shadow) I love his nose!!!!


  1. How very exciting! We are having a boy too! I love your story.

  2. I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED….FOR ME, NOT JUST YOU 🙂 love you…..

    1. Author

      You were right! And the “William” shirt still counts! Love you too 🙂

  3. Congratulations! We found out with our first baby (a boy) but kept it a surprise for the second (also a boy.) There are so many boys in my family and my husband’s I wasn’t expecting anything else. Elliott is a lovely name. We have a friend who called her new baby the same a couple of months ago (though said with a French accent!)

    1. Author

      Aww wonderful! We love the name, and we’re really glad we finally came up with one.

  4. I KNEW IT WOULD BE A BOY, I JUST KNEW IT!!!! Aaaaahhhh, Holly, I am so so excited for Baby Elliott! SUCH a good name!

    1. Author

      Thanks!! We’re super thrilled. Will is going to be the cutest dad.

  5. OK I really don’t see how they know it’s a boy. Sorry……maybe I’m blind???

    1. Author

      This particular picture didn’t include the “proof”, but not to worry. I have another ultrasound picture that definitely lets you know he’s all boy.

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