Newborn Photo Shoot with GL Photography (aka – pictures of Lucy!!!)

I’ve hit a sweet spot in the day where both kids are asleep and there’s laundry in the washer and I’m only on my second outfit compared to the five I went through yesterday, sooo…

That means I have 5 minutes and 30 seconds to post cute baby pictures!

Lucy was born on Wednesday August 10th at 10:58am. Labor was FAST but I’ll write about that another time. Now she’s 2 weeks old, a total cutie, very sleepy, and very mess-up-all-of-mom’s-clothesy. Big brother is adjusting well. He’s perhaps a bit more ornery than usual, but he dotes on Lucy, or “Sucy”, as he calls her and seems to genuinely enjoy having her around. The other day when he came home from school, the first thing he said upon entering the house was, “Baaaabyyyy where aaaaare yoooou?”, and it was the cutest thing.

So okay – pictures. Remember that phenomenal photography duo, GL Photography, who took maternity and family pictures of me/us a couple months back? They have returned! When we got that first collection of photos back from them, we knew we absolutely needed to have them take Lucy’s picture. I stayed in touch with Lucila (whose mom calls her Lucy, a perfect match) who did an amazing job helping me prepare for the newborn shoot. Since infants grow and learn so fast, it’s best to have their pictures done when they sleep all day long, so we had her pictures done when she was 5 days old. Lucila and Gabriel came to our house with their equipment along with beautiful, soft blankets and cute hair bows. To make sure Lucy didn’t get cold, we cranked up the heat for the first time since early spring. Lucy was as comfy-cozy as ever while we quietly melted into puddles in the background. Lucy was Lucila and Gabriel’s first Vienna-based newborn photo shoot, but not their first newborn photo shoot having done many back in Argentina. The way Lucila gently positioned Lucy and patted her back to sleep was precious to watch as well as relaxing. From a parent’s perspective, it’s an added plus when you know the photographer knows what they’re doing and genuinely cares about your baby. There was zero stress (and zero poop!!!), and even though she was asleep the whole time and doesn’t understand anything yet, I felt that they made her feel like a glamorous rock star throughout the whole thing.

Lucy 2

Lucy 3

Lucy 4

Lucy 6

We had family pictures done as well so we could include Elliott. Elliott is “nein-ing” everything these days which makes all tasks take infinitely longer than usual, but since he’s a big fan of Lucila and Gabriel because of the last photo shoot, he put on the charm for the exact amount of time that was required of him. I plan to get a huge print of this first one for obvious reasons:

Family 9

Family 10

Family 3

Family 5 (2)

Another special aspect of this photo shoot is Lucy + fam were the first official shoot to launch Lucila’s personal photography site,! There you can check out her incredible work and follow along via her Facebook page. We absolutely love working with her and can’t recommend her/team GL Photography enough.

Thank you for your thoughts, comments and prayers throughout the pregnancy/labor/delivery journey! I hope to have a post ready for you soon-ish. Fair warning: It may be written at 3am, and if it is, no judging for spelling and grammar errors. I’m just trying to stay awake.

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