It is what it is.

This weekend was chocked full of productivity, accidents, and mishaps.


1. Met with Cafe Evoke.  I could not be more excited about them.  Since Will and I are such big coffee/tea drinkers, we’re going to have a coffee bar at our reception, complete with the coffee bar feel: dim lights, lounging, live music, delicious coffee.

2. I opened an account with Midfirst.

3. Will and I are officially on the Spring Creek Apartments waiting list.


Will has inherited quite a bit of furniture for us to put in our apartment.  The thing about the furniture is, it’s crate furniture.  Will and I listen to and occupy our lives with the music and style of bands like Vampire Weekend, The Beatles, The Shins, Band of Horses, Sigur Ros.  You will never hear “Beer for My Horses” or anything of the sort playing in our future apartment, which is exactly what this furniture is begging us to play.  It would be fitting for us to have a western star over the fireplace and cowboy hats hung over our bed.  So, we’ve gone to work.  We decided that we’re going to redo every bit of the furniture to the best of our ability.  We have tons of different fabrics and colors that we’re looking at for when we replace all the cushions.  Before we can do that, we have to paint, or stain, all the furniture.  We decided to stain it.  Not too difficult, right?  Four hours and three Lowe’s trips later, I realized we were becoming more and more like this couple:

I never cried, and Will never fell off a ladder.  But there was a bit of a catastrophe:

Will’s Dad: Okay now, don’t spill any of that stain on my nice white driveway.

-30 minutes later-

Will’s Dad: If Holly wasn’t here I’d be yelling at you right now.

Will and I went to Lowes and bought 3 different shades of stain that we wanted to try out on the backside of the headboard.  We tried Ebony – a nice dark, nearly black stain, Bombay Mahogany – a mostly red stain, and Red Mahogany – a dark brown/red stain.  Chip and Mendy had a Classic Black gloss-stain that they thought we might want to try, and somewhere between the handoff of the gloss and the moving of Red Mahogany, the Red Mahogany tipped and quickly began to color Chip’s previously “nice white driveway”.  We poured paint thinner all over the rapidly expanding stain, which only made it spread out more.  We scrubbed and scrubbed with a steel brush, trying to remove the damage as fast as we could.  The end result:

It’s not as bad as it was…

Don’t worry.  We think we’ve figured it all out now.  I learned how to sand, which left me with an extremely twitchy right thumb, and I also learned that acetone burns the inside of your nose if you get too close to it.  For those of you wondering, we’ve decided to go with the Classic Black gloss-stain.  It looks pretty cool.


1. I fell down about 5 of the balcony stairs in Memorial Road after church was over.  Jeremy Schofield was the first to both realize and feel me toppling past him, followed by Brody Gustafson and Will who were also shocked to see me rolling past their feet.  The three men all stopped me from continuing on with my stair slide.

2. Lunchday Sunday was a huge blessing.  38 people came out for it!  That’s the largest group we’ve had so far.  I was racing around looking for the person coming with the drinks because it was getting closer and closer to start serving lunch. He came running up the stairs with 2L cokes in hand.  I put them on Karissa’s counter and began to open the Dr. Pepper bottle when a stream of DP hit me square in the chest.  The DP developed several more streams, all of which hit me in the chest, stomach, and legs.  I was unfortunately still wearing my church clothes.

3. My bookshelf broke.

But those folders?  Yeah, 20 cents baby.

It was a great weekend though despite all the craziness that occurred.  My bridesmaid dresses came in, and I’m going to Sweet Cherry’s Bakery on Tuesday for cake tastings.  Win.

Also this:

Aunt Alison (Alison Hewitt) welcomed me into the Kooi family by giving me these!!  Now the name of my blog is officially legitimate, and I feel two shoes closer (get it?!) to being Dutch.

Note: The title of this blog post has nothing to do with anything by the way, other than I had a dream last night about blogging and this was the title I gave to my post.

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