I’m Not Here Today

Absence makes the heart grow fonder… Right…?

Zuerst (“first of all”- I just learned it, gotta use it), I apologize for my lack of posts. The move from our temporary apartment to our new and actual apartment has taken much of our energy (and also our Internet access), thus resulting in no blogging and the strong desire to never go back to IKEA again (I know – crazy, right?). However! I’m back, but not really, as I am posting from another blog today. Guest post! You can find me on Emily’s blog, here, and read about my first experiences in Vienna from 2008, including the time I went to the hospital (get excited). This guest post is for her blog series called Tuesday Travel Diaries, a series I stumbled upon about a month ago. If you have time you should stay awhile and read the other “diary” entries, as well as Emily’s own personal blog. She’s currently living in Australia so you know she’s got some pretty awesome stories.

So. I’ll see you cool kids over at Emily’s blog for today and return to my Grievances later in the week. Tschüß!

Tuesday Travel Diaries – Vienna


  1. Holly, thanks so much for sharing some Vienna stories on my blog. It was a pleasure having you 🙂

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