I Do Times Two

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary. I know – I’m already picturing couples who have been married for 10…15… 25 years “awwww”-ing in unison, full of marriage experience as I consider typing something along the lines of “It’s crazy how much we’ve been through these past 2 years…”, so I won’t.

But seriously, guys. In 2 years of marriage, we have:

  • Graduated from college (me)
  • Worked and lived in Oklahoma City
  • Got a cat
  • FINALLY made it on the Kiss Cam at a Thunder game
  • Made the decision to move to Vienna
  • Stood 5 feet away from Paul Simon
  • Went on a cruise
  • Moved to Vienna
  • LearnedLearning German
  • Saw Sigur Ros live
  • Found out Will isn’t a huge fan of soup (MIND-BLOWING discovery)
  • Traveled to Croatia (and sent back to Croatia)
  • Traveled to Slovenia (and kicked out of Slovenia)
  • Got deported
  • Got undeported
  • Spent 9 hours in a thermal spa

The last one is the most recent of our married accomplishments. Since our anniversary fell on a Monday, the most boring day of the week (except for maybe Wednesday), we decided to celebrate the majority of our anniversary over the weekend. On Friday I came home to an amazing home-cooked meal – Chicken Mango Curry to be exact – as well as a beautiful bouquet of flowers (arranged by Will himself – who knew?) surrounded by candles with a sweet photograph of the two of us leaning up against the vase. We watched “Wreck-It Ralph” and snuggled. We’re pretty cute. Then Saturday we went to Therme Wien – a thermal spa in Vienna. Like I said, we managed to spend 9 hours there without turning completely into prunes. It was a drizzly, gray, cold day and sitting in a steaming pool without any obligations was just what we needed. We will go out to dinner tonight; somewhere in the city center or in another one of our favorite districts. I really want to go to this “all-soup” restaurant, but you know, soup is soup or something like that. We’ll find a place to eat eventually.

Our first picture together, sitting in a park in London. (2009)

Have I ever told you about the time I first saw young William? That’s what I call him sometimes by the way, mostly when he’s in trouble. Technically the first time I ever saw him was in 2006 when I was visiting Oklahoma Christian University’s campus as a senior in high school. I was furious the first day I was there due to missing an enormously important rivalry football game, but eventually forgot about its importance when my eyes were opened to the vast amount of “super cute” college boys. Later on in my visit I attended a variety show called Freshman Fanfare. It’s basically a bunch of freshmen “choreographing” and singing to popular songs but with the lyrics cleverly (sometimes) changed to fit the freshmen lifestyle, like hating cafeteria food and curfew. Will was one of the four MCs, and also did a little performance of his own with a few of his friends. I remember it because it was the one performance my dad actually enjoyed.

17 year old me (plus embarrassing Hollister shirt) and 18 year old Will (2006)
17 year old me (plus embarrassing Hollister shirt) and 18 year old Will. (2006)

Fast forward a year and three months later. Due to the success of the previous year’s visit, I was a freshman at OC. Will was a sophomore. He had just returned from his 3-month long study abroad trip in the Pacific Rim and was seeing his friends for the first time since he had been back and for some reason, I was there. For the life of me I can’t remember why. I was good friends with several of his good friends because we had gone to school and church together back in Georgia, but they were all a year older than me and we didn’t hang out all that much since our friend groups didn’t cross. But alas, I was in the UH lobby, chatting it up with his crew. He strode (he really did) into the lobby with a huge smile as everyone except me ran to welcome him back. I stood in the back of the crowd like a deer in the headlights. I couldn’t believe how cute he was. I had to tell myself my jaw had dropped and to close it pronto before he could notice me gawking at him. After collecting myself I waited for the excitement to die down before walking over to make myself available for an introduction. Our introduction sadly lasted only a few seconds as Will was still overcome with the delight of seeing his friends instead of any sort of starstruck emotion for me and my “I promise I’m 18 and not 13” charm. He was polite and shook my hand then turned immediately back to his flock of friends. It didn’t matter. I just couldn’t get over his adorableness, so much so that I left the dorm, ran back to my own dorm, burst into my best friend’s room and told her she had to come with me right away as a matter of urgency. She questioned the matter and I said something like, “Erica. He’s the cutest guy I have ever seen in my whole life. You HAVE to see him!” We quickly darted into the lobby, I pointed him out, we left, and she said, “Aww he looks like a little boy!” (He did. He was/is precious.)

And that was the first time I saw my husband. Six years later, we’re married and happily looking like little married teenagers together. Here’s to 90 million more years with you, honey. Happy Anniversary!


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