Austria, too good of a place to be that it’s hard to know where to go, what to do, and how to afford it all. Can we propose a widely accepted use of Monopoly cash?

And the kids. What do we do with them?

Well, friends. Good news. There’s a magical card that’s almost as good as toy money, the Niederösterreich Card. The NÖ Card, the golden ticket that’ll get you and your card-carrying people into over 300 uniquely Austrian spots for free is a once-a-year purchase and my family LOVES it.

How to N.Ö. not only aims to encourage you (unaffiliated) to treat yourself and others to the available 300+ adventures that await you, it also provides you with an insider’s (mine!) look into where my family and I have been and how we felt about our experiences.

NÖ Adventures Accomplished

On the Way

  • How to NÖ: Hohe Wand
  • How to NÖ: Schneebergbahn
  • How to NÖ: Haubiswelt
  • How to NÖ: Happyland Bad
  • How to NÖ: Sole Felsen Therme
  • How to NÖ: Schloßhof
  • How to NÖ: Laxenberg Park