How James Corden Made It Right with BTS

The Late Late Show with James Corden

James Corden cracked the BTS interview code. As a result, BTS was nearly unrecognizable compared to past interviews, specifically including the series they gave at The Grammys and iHeartRadio. They were relaxed. Happy. Natural. V was far from miserable. YG spoke and survived. It was a solid interview from start to finish.

Here’s how The Late Late Show with James Corden made it right:

Positive Body Language

Body language is contagious, meaning we tend to copy the body language of another in any given context. For example, if I’m with someone and they’re making eye contact, facing me, and appear open rather than closed off, I likely feel the person is sincerely hearing what I have to say, and without realizing it, I reciprocate the same silent language. If I’ve gone into a conversation feeling nervous, but positive body language is present, this serves as a natural way for the necessary endorphins to take it easy.

I was immediately impressed with the way Corden interacted with the group. I don’t watch him often enough to know whether or not he always interviews out from behind his desk, but I appreciated the barrier-free way he spoke to them. His body language was casual and inviting as he focused on each of them. Corden was all kinds of smiles throughout the interview, genuinely so. And the guys responded to it like a breath of fresh air.

Them-Focused Questions

At first I wasn’t sure how his questions differed all that much in comparison to their previous interviews, but it hit me: The questions were for them.

If we look at the iHeartRadio interview or the few from The Grammys, they’re all riding that same collaboration horse and for real, they need to DISMOUNT. Other questions asked sound like a grocery list; tick the boxes and move on.

But Corden stayed there, stayed in it so they could speak even if the questions were ones with which we’re all familiar. It seemed like the guys could feel his sincerity which boosted their confidence in their ability to dialogue.

Calm(er) Atmosphere

Not necessarily specific to Corden, but I do love the no phone rule when it comes to Late Night shows. It has to be infinitely easier to think and speak when phones aren’t in their faces and the audience reacts appropriately to what’s being said.

However, the host of the show is ultimately the creator of the studio’s vibe, and with Corden’s soft voice, squishy heart, panda bear hugs, and easy-going style, it’s no wonder BTS seemed so at home in a set-up that usually sends them scrambling to cope.


Corden’s team definitely did their research, or likely have a few ARMY employees who knew this firsthand: BTS loves them some games. If you look up late night shows in Korea, you’ll essentially see colorful chaos. The hosts are ceaselessly goofy, and the stuff they have their guests do are unique. Being from Korea and seven years in this industry, BTS is all about that game life, hence their Run! BTS show, surprise Vlives, and hilarious Bangtan Bombs.

So for Corden to pick Hide-n-Seek as the show’s closer was perfect, and I don’t have more to add to that other than the game, their interview, and their performance made me so, so happy to see them so, so happy.

Don’t mistake my opinion as one that asks the West to coddle them. Far from it, actually. My opinion is and remains that there’s a right way and a wrong way to talk to people, and there’s a hefty amount of patience, humility, and learning that have to happen on both sides of the microphone when language is a challenge.

The difference between Corden and Hollywood journalists is not the content, but rather the quality with which he presents it.

Honorable Mentions

  • I don’t think Jimin much liked being picked up and carried by Ashton Kutcher. I don’t think he liked it much for Jin either. Maybe over analyzing?
  • V and jhope’s responses to the question about failed choreo were stupendous
  • jhope’s confidence in his English is a joy to watch
  • V’s random yell in the middle was hilarious
  • Corden and RM’s huge hug at the end of the interview
  • Reggie Watts is a rock star
  • Black Swan was amazing
Did you see a difference in Corden’s style? What contributed to this being an all around enjoyable interview?

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