Help! : The Pants Problem

After seeing those rosy double-lines on my pregnancy test and crying tears of joy for the rest of the day, I did what I assume most pregnant gals do nowadays: Spend hours and hours on Pinterest. I created a bunch of secret boards like one for maternity clothes, one for nurseries, one for baby advice, and I can’t even remember the others because I’m sure I went above and beyond whatever “normal” looks like Pinterest board-wise.

4595799Somewhere along the way in my hours of secret pinning, I found the wonderful and immensely helpful ladies at Ain’t No Mom Jeans. Their site name immediately caught my eye because one, I support the anti-mom jeans cause, and two, I’m afraid someday down the road I’ll be tired and weary, looking for comfort; I’ll wander into a store and see a pair of shapeless, saggy, light-denim blue jeans and in that moment, rather than keep walking as I should, I’ll reach out, touch the leg, and consider… purchasing them. *shiver* So I thought perhaps the women at Ain’t No Mom Jeans could prevent this nightmare from ever happening and help me stay fashionable even in my most tired and weary moments as a mom.

On their site, they provide a very helpful guide for how to appropriately dress from the beginning stages to the later stages of there being a baby in your belly. I’ve been trying to follow along with their tips and fashion as gospel but have recently hit a snag in my “Work the Bump” maternity stage and I’m looking for help before I succumb to wearing my Mississippi State sweatpants everywhere I go, though my pink pajama pants with the white polkadots would do nicely, too.

Shopping has always been one of my top least favorite activities which often made my years in high school all the more difficult. I’m a stick of a person and have had trouble since, oh, forever, finding clothes that don’t fall right off my pencil-waist or trail down my legs a good two feet. So generally, I stay away from malls and stores and wait for my friends’ kids to grow out of the tween jeans and pass them my way. But being pregnant has already proven to be a body changer which, it may sound odd, but it kind of gave me hope that perhaps I’d shape up and out a little bit. No more tween jeans for me! Hello hips and easier shopping ventures.

76-still-hate-shoppingExcited for my new hips and “work the bump” tips, and far past busting out of the jeans I wear now, I went to H&M – my current jeans provider – to graduate to the next size but came up empty-handed. The next size up was just as tight as what I wear now. I could at least button this pair, but I knew I’d be rubber-banding the button within the next week or so and I find no point in spending money on something I’m going to have to stop wearing in 7 days. However the next size after that, though it actually fit comfortably around the waist, made me look like I was trying on Will’s jeans. My hips may have widened, but my chicken legs have stayed the same and don’t fill out any sizes higher than what I wear now. And maternity jeans are out of the question as they don’t come close to fitting anything anywhere. So after throwing myself a small pity party in the H&M dressing room, I walked out of the store defeated and possibly even more uncomfortable in my jeans than before I walked in.

I’ve been told just to wait for dresses and skirts season which I realize is just around the corner, but it’s still chilly enough here for dresses and skirts to stay in the closet a bit longer. The pants problem is now at code red status (remember: sweatpants temptation) and I’m out of ideas. What’s a chicken-legged pregnant girl to do?


  1. Leggings! They were my best friends while I was pregnant b/c the maternity jeans I had, had this awful stretchy fabric that went over my belly and it was ridiculously itchy and hot! So when it was cool enough I wore leggings w/ long shirts or dresses. But that was when I wanted to look cute.. Most of the time I wore shorts and maternity tees b/c it was so dang hot! I did ocassionally wear my regular jeans and did the rubber band thing, but I felt kinda awkward about it.

    1. Author

      Good thinking. I need to get some new ones and can wear them with long shirts… if I have any.

  2. Haha Holly!! You had me rolling when I read this post…probably because I can totally relate…I think we have the same body 🙂 so funny! Really, I found most of my maternity clothes at Old Navy smallest size. I wish I still had all my maternity clothes to just send to you, but I passed them off a year ago. The pre maternity clothes stage is the hardest and then by the 8&9th month you only have 3 things that fit anymore! I like the tights and long shirts idea! H&M had a decent maternity section though not very big. Holly you will look cute no matter what you wear! Thanks for the good laugh…love ya!

    1. Author

      Glad you enjoyed it! I too have always thought we have basically the same body. Thanks for the tip. I plan to hit Old Navy and Target the moment I get to Atlanta since, as you said, H&M doesn’t have the greatest selection and everything else that’s larger but not maternity either hangs too big or is already too small. I’ll just walk around in an XL pajama shirt instead! Miss and love you!

  3. Lolol yeah she’s right in the 8th and 9th month my maternity tees barely fit, I had to be careful b/c sometimes my belly would peek out haha. soo cute. But It is fun to get creative! I wore a lot of my old dresses w/ leggings b/c w/ my belly they became more like long shirts!

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