From Education to Coordination

Above is a picture of my new home: Ashland Gardens

No, I didn’t get so into my own wedding planning that I decided that I wanted to do it full time.  Wedding planning found me, somehow.  Basically, the past 6 weeks looked something like this:

Week 1 – 3 1/2 year Early Childhood Education major -> Admits misery -> Switches to Interdisciplinary Studies -> Cue “what am I going to do with my life?!?” freak-out sessions

Week 2 – Begin internship with Career Services

Week 3 – Still interning -> Plans an event -> Loves event planning -> Begins to freak-out less

Week 4 – Event takes place -> Contacted by Ashland Gardens to be considered for their Full-Time Wedding Coordinator position -> Ecstatic -> Turns in resume

Week 5 – Interview with Ashland Gardens -> Asked to come back for Interview #2

Week 6 – Interview with Ashland Gardens -> Told to wait for a phone call which will determine fate -> Anxious


Week 7 – Accepts the Wedding Coordinating position

So it was about 6 weeks and one day if you count the day as Week 7.  It’s been a wild ride.  An exciting one though!  During my, er, lost week (Week 1), I had no peace about anything I was doing.  Well, that’s not exactly true I guess.  I was at peace with the fact that getting out of Education was the right thing to do.  I felt like every time I asked God if I was going in the right direction, He was patting me on the head saying, “Yep!  You’re not going into a Nowhere Zone.  I promise.”  The confusing part about it was, I had no idea which direction my current direction was going to lead me.  Non-profits?  Something corporate?  Missions?  I talked to Will about it, I talked to my Dad, I talked to my roommates.  Brianna and I decided to have Communion so we could have some quiet time, and I could ask God all the questions I wanted without any interruptions.  I did, and the answers came week, by week, by week.  I knew God’s hand was in all of this, but I didn’t see the whole picture until Brianna texted me one afternoon with:

“hey holly, remember that one time when you trusted God and changed your major from teaching. Then one by one all your dreams came true? I was just thinking of that time…”

SUCH! a perspective.

So.  My start date is January 3rd.  I’ll be trained as a full-time coordinator, and then I’ll be completely full-time once I graduate.  All of my classes are in the morning which means I’m able to get to work and stay till close every day, so I’ll be full-time for the most part already.  And we get Wednesdays off!  If you’re getting married or know someone who’s getting married, come to Ashland Gardens!  But wait till… wait till around April.  That way I’ll sort of know what I’m doing by then.

Also, be looking for my and Will’s engagement pictures.  We spent 7 hours (total) taking pictures all over Nashville during Thanksgiving break, which means we took a ton of pictures.  1,593 pictures.

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