For Real?

This my second practicum with Pre-K kids.  I prefer Pre-K to any other grade I’ve been with so far for several reasons:

1.  They’re just out of the toddler stage.

2.  They’re still cute.

3.  They ask the best and funniest questions.

My Pre-K kids met me for the first time yesterday morning.  I walked in and my teacher asked me if I was a Miss or Mrs.  ”I’m a Miss right now but I’ll be a Mrs. soon!”

She introduced me to the kids as Miss Greene, then made the comment that her last name used to be Green.  This statement confused the kids somethin’ awful.  ”………how could you be named Green…and then be named some-fing else?”  She tried to explain, and they understood for the most part.  I think.

A little while later I was playing house with a few of the girls and they suddenly realized that my name is a color.  We discussed this for a minute or two, and then I decided to try something.

“Yeah I like my last name, but it’ll change soon, just like your teacher’s name changed.”

“You’ll have our teacher’s name too??”

“Er… no.  It’ll change to a different name.  My husband’s name.”

“You have a husband?!”

“No… no not yet.  But I will in March!  And so my name will change from Holly Greene to Holly Kooi.”

“… Kooi?”

“Yep.  Kooi.”

“Your last name is going to be Koooooi?


“Are you for real?”

“Oh, I’m for real.”

“That’s weird.”


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