No fall has ever come close to being as wonderful as the Fall of ‘08.  Now two years later, I find myself still daydreaming about bundling up inside the Schloss then running outside and hopping onto the 43, heading towards Stephensplatz.  I miss the smells, I miss the weather, I miss the languages, the culture.  I miss hearing “Gross Got” after every DM visit.  I miss Neuwaldegg.  The PARKS.  Oh my goodness I miss the parks.  I miss trains.  I miss the quiet nature of the Viennese.  I miss ordering kebabs in German.

One time, I tried to order a kebab using my newfound German.  Unfortunately, I was still a total newbie and tried anyway.


“Ummm, eins Kebab, und nein tomate und nein… onion.”

My attempt to order a kebab with no tomato and no onion only halfway succeeded.  I found out later that onion in German is actually, zweibel.  Who knew?

Since Vienna has been heavily on my mind, I have been getting out my beloved journal that I so dedicatedly wrote in nearly every day during my 3 months abroad.

I don’t typically read the homework part of my journal unless I want to remember the name of something or read about my extreme dislike for Baroque architecture.  Instead, I flip back to my thoughts.  Some of them are horribly embarrassing.  Some of them are just day-by-day updates.  And then I came across this gem of a journal entry.  November 22 2008.  Ah, we had had SUCH an interesting journey before this entry was written.  It was the end of my second 10-day travel.  We were in Switzerland, my favorite country.  The girls I was traveling with and I just barely escaped an incredible blizzard that was going to hit Gimmelwald, the mountain our hostel was on.  After hours of waiting and train hopping, we finally made it to the Zurich train station in hopes of catching the last train to Vienna.  Because of all the blizzard delays, we missed the train to Vienna by 3 minutes.  The next one wouldn’t be till 6:55am.  It was only 12:03am.  By this time, we had been without sleep for over 60 hours and had no choice but to stay awake until 6:55am.  The trams were closed for the night so there was no way we could get to a hostel – plus there was a blizzard.  The Zurich train station is an open train station, so we couldn’t sleep anyway without being in the snow.  When I wrote this journal entry, I had had multiple cups of coffee and coke, and was sitting in a McDonalds for the second time that night after having spent an hour in there previously, followed by 3 hours in a Burger King.


November 22 2008:

I’m in McDonalds for the second time tonight.  I don’t know what time it is, and I don’t know what day it is.  I do know that it’s like a club in here and if I threw up, it would be nothing but coke and coffee.  Gross.  I don’t even remember the last time I brushed my teeth.  And my iPod is dead.  I am BURNT OUT on the following things:

Hot chocolate, chocolate, coffee, french fries, McDonalds, eating out, bread, butter, peanut butter, cake, not getting sleep, club music, loud drunk people, anything dealing with trains, gaining weight, feeling sick, face breaking out, hair out of whack, going days without getting to brush my teeth, paying for bathrooms, paying for bed sheets, hours of idle time, the loud obnoxious girl that’s in McDonalds here in Zurich, being liked for Obama, my money belt, being ready to go home, not being able to work out, being away from the girls, missing campus life, not having ketchup or ranch dressing, luke warm showers, cornflakes cereal.


I was sitting on the second floor of McDonalds, facing a giant window and watching it snow in Zurich, Switzerland.

I’ve got to get back to Europe.

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