Engagement Pictures: Teaser

YES! The time has come! (my little friends, to talk of other things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, and cabbages and kings!)

It’s engagement picture time. This is only a teaser, mind you. The Facebook album will arrive at some point.

All of these were taken in Nashville by my creative-genius uncle, Uncle David. My wonderful aunt, Aunt Angie, helped us with our poses.

Fun fact: It was 40 degrees outside during the photo shoot.

And here we go!

Yep. That’s us. Dream come true. We’re part of The Beatles.

LOVE the trees in the background. We’re ready for Christmas.

I scrunch my nose a lot. I actually have a permanent line on my nose from doing it so much.

Will and my uncle spotted this funky mural as we were driving through Nashville. Very cool.

“This is my favorite ring shot!” – Erica Pence

You know you wanted to see a kiss picture.

So sweet!



Will found this wall. Great wall.

Aaaaand BAM! I love this one. It might be my absolute favorite.

Those are just a few of our pictures. Stay tuned to Facebook for more. Or come to our wedding. Whichever.

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