One of my biggest fears,  is that there’s nothing new to say.  Hence my significant lack of writing in 2019.    Granted, 2019 kicked my butt.  And to my knowledge, when one’s butt is being kicked, writing is a challenge. It’s difficult to know what to share and not share, Continue Reading

We sat with 6 New Englanders: 4 retired school teachers, 1 retired engineer, and 1 self-described retired “do-nothinger”. Our first ever luau was bound to be memorable. Before Will and I sat down for what would be very interesting conversation, we perused the beachfront luau area to take in aContinue Reading

I’m in bed. Well I’m sort of half in, half out. I’m hanging off the edge of the bed so the light from my phone doesn’t rouse my sleeping husband. Anyway. As I write this in the darkness of my bedroom, it’s well past midnight Vienna time – a timeContinue Reading