Birth control and Babies

Did the title get your attention? (hehehe)

For the past month or so, I’ve had to make a few visits to the doctor about the numerous amounts of headaches I’ve been having.  The first time I went in was early October.  Back then, my headaches were pounding through my temples, on top of my eyes, and on the bridge of my nose.  They started out of nowhere and refused to leave me alone.  The doctor said that, given my symptoms, the headaches were coming from my birth control.

Yeah.  I’m on BC.  I went to the doctor, said something like ‘Hey, I’m getting married in a few months!’ and she said ‘No babies for awhile?’ and I said ‘No ma’am.  Not until…. well not for a long while’ and she said ‘Welp you’ll be needing this then’.

Holly + birth control = Insta-woman.

Except I’m the wimpiest woman I know.  I was fine for a week, then my body hated it and was extremely upset with me.  I woke up with a stomachache every single morning.  I even nearly fainted once.  Then the headaches came.

So the doctor instructed me to switch brands.  I did.  The headaches didn’t stop immediately, but they did decrease quite a bit.  The doctor said that if the headaches didn’t stop completely, we’d have to look for a different method.


I went in again this past Monday for one last headache check-up.  I told her that I hardly notice the headaches now.  They’re tiny ones and don’t last very long unless I’m in the car, which she thought was interesting and thinks my eye prescription may have changed.

As she walked me out of the office, she left me with the following words:

“Good thing your headaches are going away or else we’d have some kindofa time finding a different method for you.  You mighta just had to have been pregnant all the time.”


Yeah right.

If my little self can’t handle a pill, I’m pretty sure it can’t handle being pregnant more than twice.

Exhibit A:

Here you see me with my cousins and brother.  I’m the oldest and by far, the smallest.

It’s also in my genes.  For some reason, and I can’t remember why, but my mother once said, “Holly, we Greene womenfolk weren’t meant for childbearing.”

What she meant by that was, we’re a small people.  We can have children, but not a lot.  Our bodies would break.  She also meant that we apparently birth GIANT babies despite our petite size.

Exhibit B:

This is me feeding my brother Hunter.  He was a 9 pounder when he was born, and there’s no telling how much he weighs in this picture.  All I know is that he was one huge baby, and I wasn’t much smaller when I was born.  I was an 8 pounder.

Will has mentioned a few times that he wouldn’t mind having a few children.  Well honey, if that’s what you really want, I’ll have Sadie and Kid 2.  You can have the last one.

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