Are We There Yet? How About Now?


Haven’t been able to write much.

Well it’s not that I haven’t been able to, it’s that I haven’t really wanted to for a couple of reasons:

One, I’m tired.

Two, I’m really tired. Last week I woke up at 7am but didn’t get up until 7:30am, fell back asleep at 8:30am, slept till 9:15am and arrived just in time for my 9:30am Bible study with a line down the side of my face from the couch cushion I awkwardly slept on. (Yes I’m ending on a preposition. Embrace it.)

We’re in the final stretch with 5 days to go until Elliott’s due date, or 10 days, or 12 days – if he wants to stay longer. Will and I keep trying to coax him out by telling him all about snuggles and warm clothes and new friends, but our attempts have so far gone ignored. I don’t think he’s too impressed with us yet so he’s just going to wait until we say something that really grabs his attention. Uhh… The Beatles! You can have ice cream when you’re older! Justin Bieber isn’t really relevant anymore! 

Sigh. Nothin’.

I’d write more, but my fingers are too fat to go any further. Also I’m supposed to be walking and I should do so before it gets above 70 degrees, and anything above that equals misery, at least in Oklahoma.

So here are my feelings as told by pictures:

What? Still pregnant?!
Nap # 4…

Please pretend I didn’t almost just throw up on you.
Aaaahhhh. Better.
After having already “nested” like 7 times.
Everything is “ouch”.
Chocolate. All the chocolate.

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