Hey, I’m Holly! Here are a few raw truths:

I’m a wife, mom, and American immigrant.

My family and I moved to Vienna, Austria in 2012 to support, love, and encourage a beautifully diverse, come-as-you-are, mistake-making, grace-giving house church. Faith is my life, and my faith is messy, imperfect, doubting, questioning, fearful, inconsistent, and resilient.

My heart is with the refugee and those on the fringes of society. My hands are busy making after-school snacks for my kids, vacuuming the house and folding laundry for our family, comforting the hurting, grinding beans for my third cup of coffee, building a nonprofit, journaling through my thoughts. My mind is a swirl of blog posts, epiphanies, poems, worries, ideas, and feelings.

I’m 1000% a feelings person. I used to resent that about myself, but now I’m in it to own it. I believe vulnerability is a strength; to feel is to be strong.

In 2014, I was diagnosed with postpartum-anxiety after the birth of our first babe. It developed into panic disorder. Then depression. I got help and it took me a year to recover. But I recovered. And later, I recovered again. I take medicine for my anxiety disorder. I feel good.

I’m a 6 on the Enneagram.

In 2018, I co-founded U!Shine Vienna with my sister-friend Michelle of American in Vienna to get the city talking, openly and directly, about mental illness. Definitely ask me about it.

I’m passionate about love and people and loving people well. Writing is how I express the more serious, yet sarcastic parts of myself that may not surface out in the open. I’m allergic to exclamation marks and terrified of whales.

I’ve never seen a whale.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I had a dance instructor that used an exclamation mark after every sentence — literally. I have had a similar fear of that form of punctuation since then.

  2. Great blog! Vienna is the first European city I visited, and though my wifeband I had a hard time finding meals that included vegetables, we found it to be a beautiful city. I recently wrote a blog post about visiting Hallstatt.

    1. Thank you! We love it here. I have a few vegetarian friends who have the same lack-of-vegetable-meals problem as well. The salads here are generally pretty good for you though. Glad you and your wife had a great time. Thanks for stopping by!

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