Hello, Hallo, Dobar don, Salaam, Annyeong… and this concludes the few ways I know how to greet you in a foreign language.

So, hey! Glad you’ve found me. This site is a mish-mosh of truly weird stories, culturally shocking misadventures, unexpected global influences, and, my personal favorite: feelings! I have a lot of feelings, and I don’t know where to put them, so oftentimes, I put them in here so you and I can hang out on a more human-to-human level.

My family and I are Americans by citizenship and Austrians by lifestyle. We live in Vienna and no, we’ve never done the Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg. That’s five hours of our lives we can never get back.

We eat schnitzel and bounce around coffee shops and I try to be around, both emotionally and virtually, for the dear people who move to Vienna and don’t know what to do or where to go by writing about my family’s favorite places and the dos and do nots of Viennese culture.

In real life, I am a walking exclamation point. My writing voice, however, is dry and exclamation markless. I blame a Seinfeld episode for that.

If you’ve found me because you need a laugh, a coffee recommendation, some emotional realness, or a BTS fan to befriend, this is the place! If you’ve found me because you’d like to know more about U!Shine Vienna, this page will be of more help to you.

Alrighty. Good talk. Good stuff.

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