A Major Minor.

I have just discovered a minor problem.

I have an 8am class every day of the week.  

That would mean that I have an 8am class every Wednesday of the semester with Dr. Feuerhelm.  Next Wednesday begins the first of ten weeks in my Primary Practicum, which means that, under the direction of Dr. Morris, I will be placed at an Elementary School somewhere in Edmond and will be expected to be in a particular classroom every Wednesday.  Dr. Morris wants me to arrive at my selected classroom at the same time my teacher arrives so I can observe the teacher prepare for class.

Teachers arrive about an hour or more before school starts.

Most schools start at 8:30am.

Meaning I would need to be at my school at 7:30am.

I won’t leave that school until 3pm.

But I’m in class with Dr. Feuerhelm at 8am.

Every Wednesday.

Dr. Feuerhelm and I are presenting a lesson together next Wednesday, at 8am.

The same time Dr. Morris wants me to be at my selected Elementary School.

How am I going to be in both places at the same time and get an A??

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