A Few Updates

I’m currently watching a show on TLC with my roommates – a baby show, of course, but this one is about traumatic pregnancies. The episode we’re watching now is about a woman who goes out into the woods for a walk and is chased by bear. She climbs up a hill, runs out into the open road, gets hit by car, and no one stops for her. She delivers a happy 7lb baby shortly after.

Anywho, a couple big time events(?) have taken place in the past few weeks. For anyone who’s interested in wedding updates, here it is:

Cake? Got it.

Florist? Jewel Box.

Guest List? Working on it.

Invitations? Being made.

Engagement pictures? Thanksgiving.

In-Laws meeting for the first time? HAPPENED.

Will’s parents and my parents finally came together for the first time this past weekend. My parents arrived on Friday and stayed through Sunday. Many dinners were had and much friendly conversation was accomplished. And Will and I are still getting married. Phew.

One thing I forgot to mention: Will almost saw me in my wedding dress. It’s true. I was standing in the middle of my living room, my parents were on the couch oo-ing and aahh-ing as they should, Erica was foofing it out, then Brianna and Shota came in. Shota forgot to close the door, probably because he was taken aback by the large ivory poof in the room. Then all of a sudden we heard a “oh!”, looked, and saw Will turning around to go back down the stairs. All of the girls started screaming at him, Brianna jumped in front of me trying to block the dress with her bridesmaid dress… It was nuts. I humphed and stormed into Brianna’s room to change. Kooi…

Other than that? Meh. Oh I changed my major. My senior year. It’s true. And I couldn’t be happier. I declared Early Childhood Education my freshman year, certain that I was going to make small children happy and small children cry for the rest of my life. I was going to plan classroom parties, attend PTA meetings, and deal with uppity parents who refuse to hear reality. Not to mention I just recently became a member of P.O.E. (teacher insurance). After several meltdowns in front of Will and one long, wonderful communion with Brianna, I finally admitted to myself, and then to my advisor, that I’m not supposed to be an education major. I do love teaching. I do. But I don’t want my own classroom, I don’t want to get my masters, I don’t want to go to seminars and IEP meetings… Can’t do it.

What do I want to do? I want to be… an Event Coordinator. I love dressing up in suits. I love delegating jobs. I love shaking hands with people. I love organizing parties. I love the stress of running out of time. I love finding out of the box solutions. I LOVE IT. So, I’m now an Interdisciplinary major (same as Liberal Arts). My three minors are in Early Childhood Education, Education, and Bible. I’ll be graduating ON TIME in April and will receive my BS. Currently, I’m interning for Career Services so I can build up my resume and score a job in the near future. So if you need any events to be planned, let me know!

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