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A huge thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s Comedic Grievances forum, Du Hast die Wahl. I thoroughly enjoyed the WordPress Challenge and all of the interaction that came from it. Culture Shock: The Worst of and The U-Bahn: A Culture of Its Own were tied up for the majority of the vote, but as of this morning there was a definite winner. You chose:

Culture Shock: The Worst of

Awesome – I can’t wait to get started. Look for the first installation of Culture Shock: The Worst of next week! And to those of you who didn’t vote for this category (my U-Bahn voters), no worries. The other categories will make their own appearances in due time, and if you need some convincing, here’s a photo I found of me wearing my “culture shock face”:


Ha. Schönes Wochenende!


  1. Your “culture shock face”? : ) Looks like my face (I imagine) when I’m rereading a first draft!

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