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So, as you may or may not know…

We got the apartment! After nearly 6 weeks of raking through lists and lists of apartments and contacting over 50 realtors, we finally have a home. The good news came to us yesterday afternoon about 40 minutes before working hours were up. We had been waiting for a yes or no answer since Thursday of last week and knew we’d get an answer either Monday or Tuesday of this week. Obviously we hoped for Monday in order to sooner end our curiosity (and my anxiety), but Monday passed without a word, and we quickly saw Tuesday disappearing without any kind of contact as well. After a few minutes of debating, we decided to make the move and call the realtor. My husband stepped outside to talk to the realtor (just in case the conversation wasn’t in our favor) while I sweated it out in the office. His voice sounded positive but I couldn’t be sure if he was going to return with a grin or a frown. It felt like he was on the phone for a million years (3 minutes), but the conversation ended and he walked back into the office with a smile. I asked him if we had a home, he said yes, and I cried baby tears of joy and exhaustion. Yes, sometimes I cry when I hear or experience good news. I cried the first time I rode a bike without training wheels, I cried the first time I lost a tooth, I cried when Paul Simon played “Here Comes the Sun” as a tribute to George Harrison, and I cried when the Oklahoma City Thunder won the Western Conference. So maybe I cry a lot. But anyway.

The realtor had actually forgotten to tell us we had the apartment because she thought she had already told me. When my husband called and asked for an update, she was legitimately surprised and replied with, “Oh, didn’t I tell your girlfriend? Sorry, I mean, wife?” (Is that a compliment or…?) I’m assuming she did the same thing I do all the time which is visualize a plan so well that your imagination convinces you the plan has already taken place. Either that or she dreamed about it Sunday night and went almost two full days going off of that dream. Regardless of the miscommunication in her mind, my husband told her we hadn’t heard from her, she said hooray you have it, the contract will get to you soon, and then we’ll setup an appointment next week for you to get the keys.

We celebrated with massive amounts of gelato (I had 5 scoops) and two episodes of Planet Earth (we currently have use of a big screen TV), then went to bed with a new sense of peace. Sometime next week, we will finally end this fast food eating, suitcase living, WHERE IS MY STUFF yelling, other people’s homes bouncing limbo we’ve been in since March. Now if I could just remember how to cook…


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  1. So exciting! I can’t wait to see pictures of the new place!

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