4 Awkward Pregnancy Habits

Hey, baby bump.
Hey, baby bump.

For two weeks I’ve been waiting for the magic that supposedly arrives with the second trimester but have yet to experience said magic. On the very first day of my second trimester, I got unbelievably sick and spent most of the day with my arms wrapped around the toilet. Definitely no magic that day. Since then, I’ve been kind of coasting between not feeling amazing but not feeling terrible. I’m hanging out in a pregnancy world of small changes and few extremes. And because I’m in this pregnancy world, I’ve become more observant of some of the weird and awkward habits I’ve developed lately – most of which are fairly unflattering.

481_BABIES1. Babydar

Whether I want to or not, I locate any and all things baby-related within my vicinity. Strollers in general, strollers and their brands, pregnant women, maternity clothes, diaper bags, babies, baby sections in stores – it never ends. It’s a switch I can’t turn off but don’t necessarily mind unless I stare at people and their babies. Then it gets weird for everyone.

Speaking of staring,

Need. Food.
Need. Food.

2. Food Stare

Going an unintentionally long time without food can be a dangerous thing for me and I don’t mean health wise. Since before we were married, Will has referred to the negative, silent and pouty attitude that can only be brought about by a lack of food as “the hunger grumps”. If I have the hunger grumps, Will knows to stay back and find food. I thought my hunger grumps would increase twofold due to second trimester food cravings, but the habit I’ve developed to cope with my food cravings goes beyond the hunger grumps and instead to a sort of robotic shut down mode. As my hunger increases, my ability to think and talk decreases rapidly, leaving me still and wide-eyed like a deer in the headlights, intently focused on a spot on the wall and always in an odd spot like in the middle of a room full of talking people or in the middle of the sidewalk. I need to get better at packing snacks for emergency food cravings.

Convinced I often look like this guy.
Convinced I often look like this guy.

3. Itchy and Scratchy

Once my stomach started expanding, the itching that followed took me by an unpleasant surprise. I feel like I have the Chicken Pox all over again. I did go and get myself some special lotion that has actually helped cut down on the amount of scratching I do per day, but as my stomach continues to turn itself into a baby bump, the itching starts all over again. When I’m at home, scratching my stomach like crazy isn’t a big deal because I’m in my own living room and Will and Tobias don’t care (mostly). But I tend to forget that intense stomach scratching sessions isn’t something one should necessarily do when one is walking to the U-Bahn, or sitting on the U-Bahn, or walking through the park or standing in line at the grocery store. Really just anywhere in front of other people. It’s especially embarrassing when I catch myself scratching my stomach while standing in a food aisle. It looks like I really want that can of Pringles, which I probably do anyway.

Is it over yet?

4. Noise Machine

After daily minutes of hiccups, a strange variation of a hiccup and gasp for air, burps, sneezes, coughs and stomach growls, most of which happen one after the other without a break, I end my less than glorious symphony by asking Will if he’s still attracted to me. He always takes a breath to say “yes” before he returns to laughing. I feel like I’ve traveled back to 4th grade and morphed into a boy who thinks bodily noises are hilarious – except I don’t think it’s so hilarious especially when these things happen in the middle of a meeting, or worse, a prayer, which has happened. This is a habit I can’t necessarily help despite the giant bottle of TUMS I’ve nearly emptied, but it’s the one I dislike the most. I just want to softly hiccup like a normal person again! Is that too much to ask, Baby Kooi?

Baby Kooi says yes, yes it is.

Did you develop any weird, awkward or worse habits in your 2nd trimester? Surely I’m not alone in this. And if I am then I’m never leaving the house again.


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