How to Vienna: Hidden Gem in the 1020

A little over a year ago, my life was significantly improved by a friendship with Katharina Bauer (aka Kathi), a young woman who can bring joy to your heart by smiling, bring joy to your stomach by baking, and bring terror to your eyes when you see how much she can lift at the gym.

I adore her.

Not only have I had the distinct privilege of knowing her as a friend, but I’ve also had the opportunity of frequently, let’s say, uh, supporting one of her greatest passions: creating gorgeous looking, delicious tasting treats. Kathi is a professional pastry chef and good grief, she’s a good one. I know this because I’ve eaten many things she’s cooked and baked. On repeat. For a year and a half.

While I’m sure her apartment is filled top to bottom with her edible creations, it wasn’t there that she introduced me to her cooking and baking. It was at, of course, Cafe Little Britain, my second home and birthplace of many food babies, where Kathi was the head cook and pastry chef. And then in December, she told me she was leaving CLB, and I thought my heart was going to fall out of my body. But thankfully there was a second half to her announcement: the grand opening of her cafe!

Phew. More Kathi, more friend love, more food love.

Kathi opened her new cafe, Zuckermeisterei, on January 7th of this year, which coincidentally, is my birthday. So I celebrated my 30th with Will, Kathi, and her man Yannick on their first successful morning behind a colorful display of cakes and macaroons.

The food items offered at Zuckermeisterei focus on Kathi’s specialty within the sweet-tooth department. However, savory dishes are provided as well, including bagels for those of us who’ve almost forgotten what real bagels taste like. Coffee, hot chocolate, and other usual cafe drinks are listed and made fresh. Also, for anyone who’s searching for a shot of flavor in their coffee, like hazelnut for your latte, for example, she’s got that, too.


Photo provided by Katharina Bauer


Photo provided by Katharina Bauer
Photo provided by Katharina Bauer

The decor is flawlessly chic with a Victorian-era flair. The atmosphere is delicate, cozy, and enormously down to earth. Kathi and Yannick speak both German and English (fluently), perfect for locals and expats looking for a spot to relax and eat to their hearts’ content. Interesting tidbit: Not only can you see Yannick at Zuckermeisterei, but you can also catch him on stage living out his dream and career as a wonderfully talented actor.

Photo provided by Katharina Bauer
Photo provided by Katharina Bauer
Photo provided by Katharina Bauer

You can find Zuckermeisterei in the 2nd district across the bridge from Schwedenplatz. Just look for a few to-die-for tiered cakes in the window, and you’ll have found the right place.

Photo provided by Katharina Bauer

Where: Lilienbrunngasse 5 1020 Wien
When: Tuesday through Friday: 11.00 to 18.00; Saturday: 09.00 to 16.00; Sunday and Monday: closed
Price: $
Additional Notes: 

  • Kathi offers customized cakes for any events
  • If you’re in the market for a customized wedding cake, she provides private tastings for couples to ensure your cake is how you want it
  • Kathi offers courses for anyone who wants to learn how to bake and decorate a proper cake (*raises hand*). (But seriously, if you wish to bake cakes with Kathi together, write to me.)
  • Gluten-free options are available
  • Several well-known Instagrammers have been by the cafe and left with high praise, including @grababite.vienna and @wonderlust.vienna
  • Cakes are 25% off on Saturdays!

So, Zuckermeisterei is a big deal.

Enjoy your visit and tag @zuckermeisterei in your posts and stories!

Proud to know you, Kathi!
Photo provided by Katharina Bauer

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