I wasn’t actually aware that today is day 30 of the ever long wait to the altar until Brianna announced it to me at midnight.  I later informed Will, whose eyes grew slightly larger than normal, then informed my soon-to-be Father-in-law who laughed and said, “Oh man. You have no idea what you’re getting into!”


Naturally, I’m ecstatic.  Will and I have been waiting for this since what seems like forever (September) and now the countdown has begun.  I told one of my bible professors (he’s 75) that I would be using one of my unexcused absences on Thursday, the day before my wedding.  He said, “Ha – no you don’t.  I’ll give you two unexcused absences for that.”  I told him that didn’t seem right (we’re pals), but that I would come to class that morning if he really needed me to. “No, no.  I’m just kidding.  You’re going to be so nervous you won’t even know what’s going on!”

He then led the class in prayer for my wedding.

A few things I am nervous about:

-Fainting in my dress

-Crying my makeup off

-My birth control not being 100% bullet proof (get it?)

-Honeymoon baby

That’s really my main concern at the moment: An HB.  I wrote a post awhile back complaining about my birth control woes.  I’m now on pill type number three with all fingers crossed.  If I could cross my toes I would.  So uh, pray for me and my pill.  We really need a team effort here.

You can also pray that Will will let me have a really cute puppy in a year.

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