Du Hast die Wahl


This week’s Weekly Writing Challenge explores the creative use of forms. 

It’s almost been a year since Will and I sold all of our stuff, said goodbye to friends and family, hopped on a plane, and settled down in the number one city in the world – Vienna, Austria. We’ve gone through quite a bit this year, some good and some bad. We’ve mastered attempted to speak German to a decent degree, been eaten alive multiple times by the monster that is IKEA, fallen madly in love with the location of our apartment, eaten pounds of Wiener Schnitzel, and sang church songs next to a couple of topless bystanders in a park (true storyies). We’ve been deported, we’ve been granted residency, we’re in the middle of a secret war with our Austrian cleaning lady, and our Austrian neighbor is not so secretly terrified of us. I un-helped my German teacher’s pronunciation of “consumption” by accidentally getting it confused with “consummation”, said I had a cold sore behind my toe (Zeh) instead of my tooth (Zahn), and just today I unintentionally thought of Cher after not being able to decide on “Danke sehr” or “Danke schön” in time for the waiter’s arrival and instead blurted out “Danke Schehr” which is of course not a thing. It’s been a pretty great year.

While I try to fill you all in on the things I’ve experienced living here in Vienna, there’s so much more to tell and I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll think to myself, Ah – that’s a good story. Definitely gotta remember that one for later, when it happens, but of course 3 hours and two scoops of gelato later I’ve forgotten what I wanted to write about. So as a way of both celebrating our one year anniversary in Vienna and getting my thoughts together, I’d love for you to tell me what you’re most interested in reading about.

“Du hast die Wahl” or “You have the choice” is a tagline I see frequently around Vienna. I love this tagline. I love it specifically because it’s one of the few for which I don’t hear an irritating translating-voice in the forefront of my mind. Most of the other advertisements I see around the city make me feel like I’m doing on the spot math in my head as I try to dissect every word down to where it makes some sort of sense to me. I think this ad is for a Fruit Bar, but it could also be about fertility… No wait, there’s a picture of a strawberry and an orange. Fruit Bar. Got it.

Below I’ve narrowed the poll down to 5 possibilities. What would you like to read about first? What are you itching to know more about? Pick your favorite, and I’ll write about it. You have the choice.


  1. For the record, you should use radio buttons if you want to restrict the user to one choice from a list.

  2. Kudos to you for embarking on such a journey! Thanks for making us a part of it. I’m looking forward to reading more about your experiences. Thanks for your input on my form as well!

    1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with. And thank you for stopping by and giving your input on my form as well!

  3. Looking forward to reading more about Wien! I sent a link to my husband who lived and studied there years ago. We traveled there together several times. . . and entertained the idea (his dream) to live there again someday.

    1. How great! Do you know the district he lived in? I wondered if he went to the University then perhaps he lived in the student housing across the street from where we live. I did the same – studied and lived here several years ago, dreamed about living in the city, and here I am. Vienna just has that effect I suppose!

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